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Looking for quality nurses? Get the full list of nurses in your region by hospital, location, experience, and more. LimeLeads builds our database from publicly available information and updates our database every 90 days.

We have served clients from different industries and successfully generated thousands of useful leads in boosting up business revenue. We connect you with the right contact for your specific purpose and goals.

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Opportunities in the Nursing Industry

Nursing is one of the most in-demand services in the healthcare sector. Healthcare workers are always in shortage worldwide. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities in the field.

The mobility of nurses is significantly higher than doctors. Almost every health-related field requires nursing staff by law, such as hospitals, elderly homes, rehabilitation centers, asylums, etc.

Nearly 200,000 more nurses are expected to be hired in the next decade to come, a striking number that shows just how popular this service is.

With the technological advancement in the medical field, nurses are shifting from their traditional tasks to digitalize the process. Those who utilize digital platforms will have an edge in bringing in new clients and fundings to meet global demand.

A hybrid version of both traditional ad-hoc and digital skills would be a huge advantage for nurses.

The nursing industry is rather immobile in general. Nurses tend to stay in this profession for a long time. The new nurses entering the labor force cannot catch up with those who retire due to the low birth rate in recent decades.

The aging population will also increase the need for nurses. By 2030, one in five citizens would be a senior. There is no better time to get into the field for the future boom.

Selling to Nurses

Hospital and healthcare homes are starting to prefer young professionals instead of experienced ones because of their technological skills.

Young nurses are more adaptive towards the digitization of the whole medical process and are able to monitor patients’ conditions from afar. Physical appointments are gradually dropping. People are seeking help online.

If you want to sell to nurses, you need to check for your skillset first. Are you able to keep up with the trend and familiarize yourself with the latest tech support? Have you conducted detailed research in coming up with a profitable healthcare program?

To answer these questions, you need a database that grants you instant access to various lead lists. Having the right contact saves you time and raises efficiency in drafting up the perfect business plan.

LimeLeads is here to help. We have a full database of contacts across industries. Whether you are looking for top-quality nurses or a hybrid in the medical sector, LimeLeads has got you covered.

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How LimeLeads Builds & Updates Data

LimeLeads offers premium leads to companies in different sectors. Get instant access to our database for lists of companies categorized by geographical location, company size, profit margin, tech specs, and more.

Here at LimeLeads, we are proud to say that our analytic reports are based on first-hand sources like government statements, company reports, and statistics from recognized organizations.

We understand the risk for repurchased or second-hand data so we reject any information that does not meet our collection criteria for your security. Our database is automatically updated every 90 days when we put new leads to replace the old ones. The ones more relevant to you will be displayed on top, ensuring efficiency. You will easily find the segment you need as all the contacts are tagged.

Our accuracy rate is 92%, which is a huge confidence boost for our clients. Our quality results speak volumes on their own.

Nurses Email List Overview

Data Points Provided

  • Pre-Validated Email
  • First/Last Name
  • Employee Title
  • Company Name
  • Company Address/City/State/ZIP
  • Company Phone
  • Annual Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Tech Stack
  • Industry

Targeting Capabilities

  • Employee Title
  • City/State/ZIP
  • Industry
  • Annual Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Tech Stack

Enhancements & Upgrades

1. Add Direct Dial Phone Numbers: Append lists with direct and cell phone numbers
2. Company Enrichment: Update or enrich lists with company data built in real-time
3. List Revision Services: Go-to-market or launch faster with list prep & QA services

Get a Customized Nurse Lead List

There is huge potential in the nursing industry but you need to have the right contacts to get far in this competitive field.

Create an account on LimeLeads today for your company to look at our impeccable data analysis for your industry to identify your strengths and potentials.

One account can be shared by your team members. We offer various pricing plans that guarantee to cater well to your needs.

We believe in flexibility and free will. Therefore, you are not tied down to a monthly payment plan and risk wasting your investment if you do not end up using our services regularly.

You will get credits from our plans and use those credits as you go. Credits never expire so you can come back anytime to perform unlimited target searches.

For any leads that fail to live up to industry standards, we provide a full refund. Client satisfaction is our top priority. We want to offer you a seamless and happy experience in finding the most credible leads.

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LimeLeads only provides premium-quality contacts from trusted sources to keep our database accurate and up-to-date.

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