LimeLeads Data

Where do we get it, how is it verified, and how accurate is it?

Overview of our process

LimeLeads is successful in no small part due to the high quality of our data. We’ve built this company from the ground up on modern technologies with data quality as the cornerstone.
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  • We leverage proprietary technology to build data from trusted publicly-available sources that we regularly curate to ensure accuracy.
  • LimeLeads has an engineering team with experience in large scale data gathering. We’ve leveraged this experience to build out a best in class data backbone which constantly adds to and updates our universe of contacts.
  • All our data goes through advanced standardization algorithms. For example all variations of spelling and abbreviations, as well as full fuzzy logic are employed to appropriately segment leads.
  • Verification against multiple 3rd party services, APIs, as well as statistically significant human email and phone verification.
  • Proprietary verification methods in addition to constantly evolving machine learning algorithms.
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Data quality report

Each quarter we create an easy to digest data quality deck. We send it to prospective customers for more information, and keep it updated on this page for anyone interested.

Additional Resources

The vast majority of users who use our platform find the data quality high enough to become repeat customers. Here are some more things you can do to gain confidence in LimeLeads:
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  • We employ real-time verification technologies to make sure all the downloaded contacts are valid and up-to-date.
  • Try the platform yourself and build a list in under a minute. Make a small purchase and run the email addresses through a third party verification service like NeverBounce or BriteVerify.
As social proof, thousands of companies of all sizes use LimeLeads. We hope this helps and as always feel free to contact us!
– The team at LimeLeads