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Conduct unlimited searches and get a customized lead list based on any requirement. LimeLeads offers the best competitive prices with a 92% accuracy rate on our data. Our data points are categorized by geographical location, employee size, tech spec, and more. All sources are strictly collected from primary channels to ensure accuracy. We only provide reliable information to our invaluable clients.

100% full refund for any lead that performs below the industry average. Let us take the risk so you can fully focus on expanding your business.

  • Create & Preview Unlimited Targeted Searches
  • Average 90%+ Accuracy for Data Points
  • Updated Every 90 Days to Ensure Freshness
  • Real-Time Email Verification On Export

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Opportunities in the Property Industry

There are about 79.36 million homeowners in the US. About 65% of homes are occupied by the owners. The number has been increasing steadily since 2014. The numbers suggest a huge potential in the property market.

Only 1.6% of homes are vacant in the US. Buyers and sellers in the property industry are actively trading.

Statistics also reveal that people with a university degree or more are more likely to be able to buy a home sooner. As more people are receiving higher education, there are more younger homeowners in the country.

The market offers plenty of opportunities for new traders. People are becoming new homeowners every day. There are plenty of ways to get into the market. 

Selling to Homeowners

Due to the high property prices, most homeowners belong to the mature group with more work experience and wealth. They are less likely to take risks than the younger population. Therefore, homeowners are looking at stable returns with minimal risks.

The property industry is highly competitive. The landscape and trading prices are changing every second.

To stay on top of trends, you will need a trustworthy database that analyzes every possible data point for your business.

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Helping thousands of companies load their existing CRMS with leads.

How LimeLeads Builds & Updates Data

LimeLeads understands the importance of the integrity of data. Therefore, we only collect our data points from primary sources like government statements, reputable reports from organizations, annual reports from companies, etc. That’s how we have been keeping our accuracy rate at 92%.

We update our database every 90 days to ensure freshness and relevancy. Clients will get a hold of the latest trends in the industry.

Our real-time email verification upon export cross-check every contact list we provide. Every contact is authentic and real.

Homeowner Email List Overview

Data Points Provided

  • Pre-Validated Email
  • First/Last Name
  • Employee Title
  • Company Name
  • Company Address/City/State/ZIP
  • Company Phone
  • Annual Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Tech Stack
  • Industry

Targeting Capabilities

  • Employee Title
  • City/State/ZIP
  • Industry
  • Annual Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Tech Stack

Enhancements & Upgrades

1. Add Direct Dial Phone Numbers: Append lists with direct and cell phone numbers
2. Company Enrichment: Update or enrich lists with company data built in real-time
3. List Revision Services: Go-to-market or launch faster with list prep & QA services

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LimeLeads only provides premium-quality contacts from trusted sources to keep our database accurate and up-to-date.

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