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Linkedin Lead Generation Form Ads Reviews & Best Practices

Linkedin is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays. Unlike other competitors such as Facebook or Instagram, which usually revolve around entertainment, Linkedin focuses more on jobs, professional profiles, and expertise.

When it comes to lead generation, there are several strategies that can work well for your business such as SEO & Lead Magnet, Data Scraping & Cold Emailing, and Paid Ads.

SEO and Cold Emailing have become a lot more competitive over the past decade, marketers now turn their favor to Linkedin.

One of Linkedin’s unique advantages is that it enables marketers to target areas that no other platforms can provide. Linkedin Ads allow you to target audiences based on their job titles, experience, expertise, field, company size, and a lot more.

Linkedin’s lead gen form ads for lead generation.

Linkedin’s lead gen form is designed specially to help businesses generate leads effectively.

When you run Linkedin ads with the lead gen form, the ads will appear in people’s news feeds and several other places. This type of ad will be shown to people who are most likely to become your leads based on your targeting settings.

The lead gen form will make it as easy as possible for people to fill in their contact information such as email address or phone number.

Linkedin’s lead gen form differentiates itself from other lead gen forms of its competitors by automatically filling several fields of the form based on its users’ profile, thus making it easy for people to become leads.

Linkedin ads can be more or less expensive also based on how well you design your ads, let’s take a look at Linkedin’s lead gen form ads best practices below

Linkedin’s lead gen form ads best practices



1. Craft a strong offer

No matter how long and well-written your ads are, if you don’t have an appealing offer, people would not sign up to become your leads.

Take the time to do thorough research about your audience and what they are interested in most. Then, try to make it available for them so that they will stop at your ads and become leads on their way scrolling down their news feeds.

It’s highly recommended to hook your audience with a clear and concise question as well.

2. Use interesting images or videos

To capture your audience’s attention, you must invest your time, money, and effort into making great ad images or videos.

People don’t stop for your writings but for your images or videos. Beautifully designed and unique images perform much better than ordinary ones.

However, we recommend putting effort into creating a good video. According to many research and our own experience, video ads usually perform much better in the long run.

3. Make your ads copywriting user-friendly

It’s very important to make your ad content easy to read and understand for your audience. Do not use complicated words or sentences, instead, make the content as concise as possible.

A good ad content layout is also highly recommended. You should use bullet points and some emojis to optimize your ads for readability. However, do not overuse emojis since they can make your ads look unprofessional.

4. Follow up with leads as soon as you can

if someone signs up to receive your offer, make sure there’s a landing page or a good message sent to their inbox.

It’s recommended to provide an immediate payoff when someone completes a form and keep the momentum rolling.

5. Create new ads for your campaign.

It’s highly recommended to create different ads to see which one works better.

A lot of marketers make the mistake of believing their existing ads can not be better until the performance stats of their newly created ads prove otherwise.

Never blindly trust your instinct, instead, create different ad copies and put them to the test. this way will help you identify which ads perform better. You then can discard the underperforming ones and eliminate the guessing game.

Creating new ads also helps your audience entertained because they are fresh. Your ads aren’t just seen once but many times during the duration of your campaign.

6. Constantly optimize your campaign.

After running ads for a certain period of time, your campaign starts to collect performance data.

The biggest mistake about running ads would be not taking the time to analyze the performance stats and trying to optimize your ads.

Understanding your campaign’s performance stats is crucial for a successful ads campaign. It helps you make adjustments to target the areas where you’ll get the highest conversion rate.

7. Optimize your business’ Linkedin page and website

Most of your leads will be entertained to know more about your business right before or as soon as they’ve completed your lead gen form.

Therefore, it’s important to beautify your business’ Linkedin page, website and landing page.

Paid ads are going to cost you a considerable amount of money, so you want to make the most of them. A good landing page keeps your leads excited and when they are excited, it’s much easier to drive them further down your sales funnel.

8. Assist your ads effort with other marketing strategies.

Marketers usually overlook this aspect. While running Linkedin ads to generate leads, it’s recommended to keep other marketing strategies such as SEO, email marketing, etc running.

Using other marketing aspects to assist your ads campaign will add a lot more fuel and help your business achieve your ultimate goal faster. This is because running ads will increase your website’s traffic and when it’s assisted with increased activity in other areas, the effect will be multiplied.

Possible challenges of Linkedin Lead Gen Form Ads

LinkedIn Lead Generation Form Ads is a powerful tool for marketers to generate leads and drive conversions. However, there are some challenges that marketers may face when using this tool. Here are some possible challenges with LinkedIn Lead Generation Form Ads:

  1. Form Length: One of the biggest mistakes companies make with LinkedIn lead gen ads is making forms too long. Even if you have an excellent offer for your audience, you can discourage them from completing the form by asking for too much information. People don’t want to spend a lot of time filling out forms.
  2. Friction: One of the big challenges marketers face when trying to generate leads online is the ask. Not only are you requesting someone’s contact information in order to reach out, but you’re also asking busy people to manually type those details out. On a mobile screen especially, this can be a pain.

LinkedIn has addressed these challenges by introducing Lead Gen Forms, which can be used in tandem with both Sponsored Content and Message Ads, capturing leads with a seamless user-friendly experience that auto-populates form fields based on LinkedIn profile data.

Lead Gen Forms can reduce cost-per-lead by 40%. By using these forms, marketers can remove friction and make it easier for users to submit their information, increasing the chances of generating high-quality leads.

Alternative to Linkedin Ads for Lead Generation.

Linkedin lead gen form ads is a powerful tool to generate leads. However, it’s not perfect and many businesses may find it ineffective.

Also, when it comes to ads, it usually costs you quite a lot of money. This is the biggest concern for many small and medium-sized businesses

Another way to generate leads fast and at an affordable price is using a reliable B2B leads database and cold emailing.

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Linkedin’s lead gen form ads has become increasingly popular in recent years and its effectiveness for lead generation has been tested & highly praised by many experts.

However, there are reports that some businesses don’t find it effective for their lead generation campaign. It’s complicated to really point out why it doesn’t perform for some businesses since the performance setups and stats are usually made unavailable to the public.

Nonetheless, Linkedin’s lead gen form ads are still highly recommended for most businesses to try because it doesn’t bring any significant risks since you can stop running the ads anytime.