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LimeLeads Tip: Expand your past orders

LimeLeads Tip: Get more of the same leads

Have you placed an order in the past (free trial or purchased) and now want to get more of the same leads?

It’s super easy, and you’ll never pay for the same lead twice – our system makes that impossible.

Step 1: Login

Just navigate to and enter your email and password.

Step 2: Click “get more of these leads”

On your account dashboard, you’ll see all of your past orders. Each of the orders has a “get more of these leads” button.


Clicking that button will take you to the proper page!

Step 3: Select how many leads you need

This page tells you exactly how many leads you’ve already purchased vs. how many are remaining.


Select how many you need and click “download with monthly leads” if you’re a Limeleads Pro member, otherwise click “purchase”

You’ll never be charged for leads you’ve already purchased!

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