Insurance agent leads

Insurance Agent Leads | The Best Lead Gen Strategy Guide

What are insurance agent leads?

Insurance agents are salespersons who are employed by insurance companies to sell insurance policies.

Insurance agent leads are insurance agents who have shown interest in buying your products or services.

Like a lot of people, insurance agents need to buy many things for their lives. The only thing that is quite different is that they’re specifically interested in skill courses such as digital marketing, persuasion, negotiation skill course, etc to become better at acquiring more clients for the companies that they’re working for.

Who needs insurance agent leads?

Travel tour and healthcare businesses may need to acquire excellent insurance agent leads. However, businesses that sell soft skills, and education courses should be the main ones that seek insurance agent leads.

Having a list of excellent leads can help companies generate income effectively. Other than the potential of becoming paying clients, qualified leads can have a huge impact on your marketing performance.

However, it’s quite challenging to generate excellent leads. If you’re a beginner, there are several strategies to generate leads you should know about.

How to generate excellent insurance agent leads effectively?

First of all, you will need to generate a list with a good number of prospects. Then, you will either use one or all of the outreach strategies (Email marketing, Social media and Ads) to turn prospects into leads

There are not many ways to acquire good insurance agent leads, the one below is the most popular and effective technique that you can utilize for your business.

Use a combination of marketing software to generate leads.

A step-by-step guide

The first step is generating prospects. Use can use software like Ahrefs or SEMrush to export a list of prospects (domains) quickly. Follow the below steps for this stage:

  • Pick one well-known insurance company as a model
  • Put the company’s domain in the search box, then click search or hit ‘Enter’
  • Go to the competitors tab.
  • Find the export button and start exporting the prospects (domains) to CSV

Next step, you will need to use an email finder software to find email addresses from the domains that you got in the first step. Import them into the software and let it crawl the websites and collect prospects (email addresses) for you

Then, you will need to manually analyze the prospect list you have and delete the ones that you think have the least chance of becoming your clients.

Finally, you will need to use email marketing software such as Mailshake, Mailchimp, etc to send out emails to your prospects in bulk.

Tips for generating prospects (email addresses)

You should not waste money on generating email addresses of people who are working in other departments than management and sales.

If you’re selling soft skill courses for insurance agents, and targeting people in the IT department, you won’t have a good chance to generate sales since IT employees don’t care much about learning soft skills.

Email finder software like Hunter allows you to collect email addresses from a specific department, so, utilize this feature to make the most of your money.

If you’re not into technology and software, we strongly recommend you to buy excellent prospects from a reliable B2B lead database like Limeleads.

Limeleads provides free trials, refund policies and excellent support to help you get started on the right path.

Tips for email outreach

When reaching out to your prospects by sending emails, there are certain best practices that we strongly recommend you to follow.

  • Properly set up DNS record, SPF, and DKIM for deliverability.
  • Warm up your sending email address by subscribing to several popular newsletters, creating social media account, etc. The purpose is to make it look like a legit email address, not the one that was created only for sending cold emails.
  • Craft a concise & compelling email subject for Open Rate
  • Avoid including spam triggering words such as free, buy, discount, sell, coupon, etc in your email.
  • Write clear and right-to-the-point email content. You should present your proposition values in bullet points for readability.
  • Use email marketing software to automate sending emails
  • Be patient to follow up. Don’t be pushy.

Email outreach vs cold calling, which one is better?

Email outreach is the most used way to reach out to prospects. This strategy has been the backbone of a countless number of businesses’ marketing efforts.

On the other hand, cold calling is the oldest outreach technique. Up until now, a lot of businesses still rely on cold calling to generate sales.

However, email outreach is much more affordable than cold calling. While cold calling requires a lot of time and telesales representatives to make it work, you can run an effective email outreach campaign by yourself or by hiring a qualified email marketer.

Moreover, email outreach is not as annoying as cold calling. Imagine somebody calls you when you’re sleeping, that’s annoying and can make a person frustrated easily.

However, cold calling has one advantage over email outreach, it can turn prospects into leads and customers faster.

To really get to know which outreach technique is the best for your business, we recommend you to try both. However, invest more effort into the email outreach because it’s much cheaper


If you’re looking for insurance leads only because you’d like to buy an insurance policy, you won’t need all of the things mentioned above. Simply search on Google for insurance companies and contact their customer support or sales department, then, you’re good to go.

But if you’re targeting insurance agents to sell your products or services to, the guide above is worth your time reading.

Excellent insurance agent leads can be very valuable to your business because they can drive your business’ growth and marketing performance significantly.

If you have any questions or would like us to guide you through the lead generation path, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or via our live chat support. We wish you success!