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Instagram Lead Generation – From Followers to Customers

Looking for a new way to generate leads and sales? Instagram can be a great tool for you to start with. In fact, there are many businesses around the world that are relying on Instagram to make a living or even gain prosperity.

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms with more than a billion users around the world. No wonder why it’s the go-to place for a lot of businesses, mainly in the fashion and entertainment fields.

Like any other social media marketing process, businesses will need to adopt a comprehensive marketing strategy to generate leads and gain success on Instagram. Read on to know the various tips and strategies for Instagram lead generation.

What is Instagram lead generation?

Instagram lead gen is a process that helps generate Instagram users’ interest in your brand and products. There are several steps that businesses need to make in order to gain more impressions, engagements and followers on the platform.

However, the two crucial factors are excellent content and consistency. The first thing businesses should make sure to have before investing in Instagram is a team of qualified content creators that are committed to the long run because becoming a popular figure on Instagram is a long battle.

Once your Instagram account has gained a stable amount of traffic, your lead and sales generation will start to kick in. Many businesses in the world are multi-million-dollar businesses thanks to Instagram, you want to be the next one in line? Keep on reading.

Why go for Instagram lead generation?

Generating leads is a lifelong activity for a business to survive and grow. For this, businesses need to use the channels that potential clients prefer.

As of Feb 2023, Instagram enjoys more than 1.35 billion global users, and it makes the social media channel a hot spot for marketing campaigns. The following are the reasons why you should start generating leads on Instagram.

  • Broad customer base
  • High user engagement
  • Strong purchase intent
  • Multiple tools
  • Affordable costs

Other lead gen strategies to consider

While there are several other lead generation methods, cold emailing and paid ads are among the best ways to generate leads fast. However, paid ads are expensive, therefore, if you don’t have a budget for them, we recommend running cold emailing.

Cold emailing is sending emails to your prospects and encouraging them to become leads and clients. It’s a simple and the most affordable lead gen strategy today.

Cold emailing relies heavily on the quality and relevancy of your prospects, therefore, generating excellent prospects fast will gain you a competitive edge. However, you should always choose a reliable prospect provider out of dozens of bad ones out there on the Internet. A reliable prospect database will ensure the following:

  • Giving free trials.
  • No credit card is required.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • Verified data with a real-time verification process.
  • Refund policies.

Click here to preview an example of verified B2B prospect data with real-time verification technology

Instagram lead-generation best tips and tricks

The following tips are great to generate leads on Instagram, make sure you read through them carefully.

1. Leverage Instagram ads

Using ads is the first the simplest way for Instagram lead generation. For this, one needs to have a Facebook profile and a business account. It is a great way to target prospects and also enhance the marketing campaign. All ads must adhere to the ad specification of the platform.

2. Craft a bio

A perfect bio is great to create an awesome first impression on the viewers. Prospects judge the credibility of the site through this.

It should include the brand name, a recognizable image, relevant descriptions, categories, etc. Getting a link in bio for your business can create a huge influence on the prospects to act.

3. Include a call to action (CTA)

You should include CTA in the Instagram profile. It encourages viewers to act. They can enquire about your goods or services and can also order the same. For this you have to click on the “Edit Profile,” then select “Contact Options,” and next click “Add an Action Button,” and press “Submit.” to complete the process.

4. Use Instagram stories

Thousands of visitors check the stories that their friends, acquaintances, and favorite brands post every day. Including live videos makes the stories more interesting.

One must post related content that resonates with the targeted segment. It can describe anything about the goods or services of the company and answers questions raised by viewers.

5. Incorporate hashtags

Hashtags are vital for using Instagram as it gives you a distinct appearance. One must create hashtags for the brand and share that with potential clients and customers.

It motivates them to use hashtags to get discounts when they purchase next. However, one must make sure the hashtag is relevant to the category and stories.


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6. Partner with influencers

Collaborating with influencers is another great way for Instagram lead generation. Research to locate influencers in the field you work.

Influencers are bloggers with a large number of followers and serve as brand ambassadors. However, their audience should match your buyer persona. When you select the right influencer the partnership generates huge quality leads.

7. Design a landing page

Create an interactive landing page that attracts visitors when they click on a link. The landing page must contain information that one expects to find and deliver a seamless visual experience.

Making it clickable is a great idea. The page must have whatever the CTA promises to deliver.

8. Run Contest

Running a contest on Instagram happens to be a creative way of generating leads. You can also use surveys for that. Ask viewers to complete the survey and avail of the chance to win prizes.

You can also run a sales promotion program on the platform. These also help to secure leads on Instagram.

9. Publish popular content often

Viewers might not be ready to buy your products or service when they see those for the first time. Check which content or product is popular and posts that often with stories to highlight the product. One should maximize the reach by posting in different formats and at the right hour.

One must also share valuable content with users consistently. It makes the credibility and trustworthiness of the brand. Always try to add value through the content rather than opting for straightway business promotion.

10. Use product reminder

It is another effective way of Instagram lead generation. Post reminders for product launches with “Coming Soon” so that audiences wait for the occasion. It arouses interest in the product.

11. Share user-generated content

Sharing user-generated content is also a great way to increase visibility. Being generated by fans, they act as social proof about the product or services of the company. It also adds a human element to the brand that goes a long way to make the brand credible. It further helps in securing leads.

12. Engage with the audience

Engaging with audiences is the lifeblood of social media marketing. You should respond to the comments and posts featuring the brand using relevant hashtags, emojis, etc., to engage with the audience. Also, ask questions to continue the conversation. As your brand appears friendlier, you are going to secure more leads on Instagram.


Instagram can be great for leads and sales generation, however, it can require a lot of work and investments. Therefore, you must analyze your marketing performance and figure out exactly how well Instagram is doing for you so that you can allocate the right amount of effort and money for it.

Being mostly mobile-oriented, your Instagram account also needs a great landing page. Now that you have known the best tips and tricks for Instagram lead generation, implement them to take your business to the next level now!