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List of Best Infofree Alternatives: Competitor Overview

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Are you starting your business and in need of some quality sales leads? Every business needs solid B2B marketing leads as they are the number one most effective way in bringing in new sources of revenue.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner looking to expand your reach and business, cold email marketing can be a cost-effective way to secure some high-end income streams.

Cold email marketing strategy does not entail shooting in the darkness. It is a systematic way to enrich your business portfolio. Partnering up with a trusted company is the best possible option to ensure the leads you are working with are up to standards.

Among the sea of competitors, Infofree is one that has been around for over ten years. It claims to have over 70 million executive email addresses and 260 million searches conducted on people through its site. The numbers seem reassuring and promising.

If you are looking for a new sales leads generating tool and considering Infofree, make sure you read this article before you decide if this is the right one for you. Although Infofree is not a bad option, you will find it very limiting in its offers. At the end of the day, there are a number of alternative options which might work better for you.

Read on to discover Infofree’s best competitors, as well as how Infofree compares to Limeleads.

Infofree advantages:

  • Easy navigation through the site and the system to set filters and advanced searches.
  • Regular sales tips and updates on popular industrial trends to keep clients up to date with what is going on in their respective fields.
  • Free trial and customized plans so users can first get a taste of how it works and decide. Its customized plans are flexible and cater to the different needs of clients.

Infofree disadvantages:

  • Despite the customized plans available, Infofree is still very expensive for regular users and new business owners. It does not offer the best competitive prices.
  • Its database is general and sometimes cannot recognize niches in a specialized field.
  • It lacks proper email marketing training and resources.

Best Infofree Alternatives in 2022

Here are some of Infofree’s top competitors:

1. LimeLeads

  • Huge lead database with millions of US leads
  • 92% accuracy
  • Affordable

If you are after leads for your B2B business, Limeleads is the place to go. It is a lead database with millions of US leads across a huge variety of sectors.

LimeLeads exclusively builds leads with public info from trusted sources like government reports, company statements, and market research. They update their database every 90 days to ensure accuracy, which is 92%.

For the price range, LimeLeads’ database is more comprehensive than others on the market. And it is super easy to use.

2. ZoomInfo

  • Access leads
  • Automate sales
  • Easy integration

ZoomInfo can help businesses reach their sales targets by combining best-in-class technology with unrivaled data coverage, accuracy, and depth of contacts.

ZoomInfo offers insight-driven engagement to help you uncover target audiences and hit your targets. To help you speed your pipeline, ZoomInfo’s range of products combines B2B intelligence and corporate contact data with engagement tools and dynamic procedures.

You can use ZoomInfo’s fully loaded suite of apps or integrate the most comprehensive B2B data into your tech stack to reach your buyers faster. ZoomInfo can help you automate sales by removing productivity bottlenecks and increasing sales engagements.

It also allows fast and continuous integration, ensuring that your apps are always up to date with your entire target market. It also aids in centralizing candidate placement and sourcing, as well as maximizing your market strategy’s return on investment.

3. Detective

  • Find leads
  • Sales research feature
  • Personalized outreach

Detective by Charlie is a web-based sales outreach software designed to provide clients with a more personalized outreach experience. It automates a client’s sales research process by filtering through hundreds of source papers in order to give users a more valuable selling experience.

You can use it before cold calls, outreach, and meetings to find essential intel about your various accounts. Browser Automation is enabled for prospecting, allowing research to be completed via your web browser. With just a single prospect entering, it may conduct extensive research. It assists customers in converting their ineffective emails into higher-performing emails that receive responses from purchasers.

To save time, Detective ensures that its clients discover and target the proper contacts. It aids sales personnel in qualifying or dismissing a prospect based on demographic data. To sample and evaluate the product, there is a free demo version available.


  • Uses AI
  • Lead generation feature
  • Lead engagement platform is a Business Intelligence platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that found fast-develop enterprises for business growth success. It helps businesses and enterprises generate and engage with valuable leads, Gazelles, who are fast-growing startups.

Its AI-enabled solutions assist you in identifying growth organizations so that you may contact just the most valuable leads. It aids in the building of usable target account lists, account prioritization, target company monitoring, prospect task management, and automation, and getting relevant business-specific data.

It also guarantees that conference ROI is maximized, that success is hastened, and that accounts are kept and grown. It also allows you to add growth companies to your pipeline. It allows users to improve and level up their deal flow in order to boost their business development approach.

It also includes an analytical framework, engagement tools, and research resources to aid in the growth and development of your company. Before purchasing the product, offers a free trial version to test and try.

5. BoostUp

  • Platform to boost revenue
  • Manage pipeline
  • AI forecasting

BoostUp is a revenue-boosting platform that helps businesses improve predictability, efficiency, and growth across their entire sales process in order to increase revenue collection.

It allows you to assess your current and upcoming quarter’s health and pipeline coverage, identify pipeline gaps, and organize your sales and marketing efforts toward new pipeline generation in order to close loopholes and boost income.

With BoostUp, you get customizable dashboards to help you strengthen your pipeline, as well as sophisticated tools that help you identify pipeline progression, cohort analysis, and pipeline trends. To receive actionable insights and complete business faster, you can automate your forecasting using BoostUp’s AI-powered intelligent forecasting service.

By automating Sales Analytics, reports, and custom dashboards, it reduces the need for manual reporting. Aside from forecast, pipeline, account, and opportunity data, users can adopt sales processes and see deal activity in order to speed up transaction progression and growth. On their official website, you may request a free demo session to try out and test their features.

How does Infofree compare to Limeleads?

Here’s a rundown on how Infofree compares to Limeleads.

How does Infofree collect its data points?

Infofree claims to be the only leads generating company in the industry to have a tripled-verified database. Its data goes through a directory, phone, and web verification to ensure high accuracy. This triple-verified database is only as glorious as it sounds without many realistic needs if the system cannot distinguish between first-hand sources and second-hand sources.

Data should be collected strictly through secured sources. Only by ensuring the origins of the data can a company ensure its accuracy. If a company can’t distill down first-hand information from repurchased data, then no matter how many layers of verification steps it has, the data still will not be accurate.

This shows the accuracy rate of Infofree. Its accuracy rate for contact names is only 79%, which is quite low. It means out of 100 leads, 21% of the time you get the wrong name. Targeting the wrong person would effectively end your chance at generating sales or getting to your potential customers.

Its other accuracy rates swing between 80% to 100%. Although it does generate quality leads for certain industries or by certain requirements, its overall accuracy rate is not impressively high, given how much it advertises for its triple-verification.

You should always opt for a B2B marketing lead firm with a high accuracy rate. It saves you the time and effort of confimring each piece of information. LimeLeads exclusively sources all our datapoint from primary channels, including but not limited to government statements, company reports, spokespersons’ speeches, official news outlets, etc. We compromise no speed over accuracy. We understand the importance of having reliable leads and a secured database.

That’s how LimeLeads has an accuracy rate of 92% on all our data points across all industries. Our data vault has helped hundreds of companies in scaling up their businesses with high-quality sales leads. Our client satisfaction rate is 100%. We know how to help our clients.

Infofree pricing and packages

Infofree offers the typical monthly plans common in the sales industry. You pay a fixed fee every month to search through its database. Infofree guarantees unlimited searches for any given plan, which is a plus for users as you are not restricted to the number of times you perform searches in its database.

Its pricing is standardized for individuals as well as businesses. The basic plan starts from $99 per month. However, although you enjoy unlimited searches, you are only able to make 100 downloads per month. Having a limit on downloading and exporting means you have to pay extra attention to what contact lists you want to have for your business.

On top of that, this price only includes one user. So if you have a team that you are working with, you will have to upgrade your account to share the results or get them to create another account.

The next package jumps to $250 per month, where you are allowed to have five users. This is the best option for small businesses as you can allocate tasks and discuss with your team the quality of the leads generated. Keep in mind that the $250 fee is recurring every month.

Even if you are not using the database this season, you will still be charged that amount every month. The cost is rather high for a new business, and the recurring cost is not preferred by business owners if they can’t utilize it sometimes.

LimeLeads offers a competitive market price on all our plans. You are not obligated to stick with a monthly payment plan. On the contrary, you can cancel anytime and join any package you want. All you need is to purchase the credits and start enjoying our unlimited searches.

Our credits never expire, so once you have purchased them, you can come back anytime when you have more needs for your business. LimeLeads also offers you a free cold email strategy course that helps you build up and strengthen your cold email marketing knowledge. This is perfect for new business owners or those venturing off to the digital marketing world.

Our cold email marketing course is valued at $79, and now you can get it for free once you join a package. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Cold email marketing is one of the most effective ways in bringing in new revenue streams, and it broadens your reach and spreads awareness of your brand. Furthermore, cold email marketing is extremely affordable. Even those without much capital can do it. All you need is a little head start in understanding how everything works.

If you have a team, that’s fantastic. LimeLeads caters well to businesses with a small team. You can add your team members to the account and share the results instantly. You can also collaborate with them via our task management section so you can better organize the tasks.

All our leads exported go through a real-time email verification process to ensure your email campaigns will reach the correct inbox. This additional feature guarantees accuracy and increases the success rate for users.

Join LimeLeads now to explore all the possibilities.

How does a successful marketing strategy change your business?

It is common for new business owners to wonder about the need to buy lead lists. After all, it does feel like you can figure everything out by yourself and there is no need to buy a contact list. You may feel cold emailing is a waste of time. These are understandable concerns if you are not familiar with the business landscapes. But none of these is true.

Having a successful cold marketing strategy can turn your company from a local shop to the next Tesla. All it takes is for that recognition to spread in your community and beyond. A smart marketing strategy expands your reach to audiences you had no way of reaching before.

A marketing strategy never aims to throw its net at everyone. It has a specific target audience that has a high potential of buying your products. That is why leads generating firms are important.

For example, if you are selling to hospitals, you will want a full contact list of the board of directors of hospitals, decision-makers, politicians that influence the policies, etc. These people decide if your pitch goes through and if you make sales. Having them in your contact list yields significantly better results than sending your proposal through the general inbox.

To access if a sales leads firm is good, check how many leads it has for different industries. Infofree has a vast database for major industries like finance, e-commerce, and the public sector. However, when it comes to smaller niches, it has limited contacts in its database.

That’s when LimeLeads offers a more comprehensive experience. Our team is dedicated to finding leads in every industry, no matter how small it is. That’s why we have fantastic leads for even the uncommon niches on the market. Even if you want to sell to gas stations in a remote state, we have got your needs covered. Discover our database today by joining one of our affordable plans.

How to choose the correct sales leads marketing company?

There are certainly lots of factors to consider before you hop on the fast train to success. A good B2B marketing firm will grasp millions to billions of businesses for you, while a bad one will damage your reputation forever. Knowing how to identify the correct sales leads marketing company is the single most important step to success.

Infofree delivers the basics of what a sales lead firm does. It gives you a list of contacts for potential buyers and sellers. Then, you do the job and turn them into paying clients. Just because Infofree does the basics does not mean it excels in its tasks. There are many things to improve if it wants to be the best in the game.

To begin with, its rigid user interface makes the system looks like it hasn’t been updated in a decade. The system is not difficult to navigate but it is not friendly enough for modern standards. There should be advanced features that incorporate teamwork and sharing results easier.

Besides, the pricing for Infofree does not fully justify its lack of advanced features available. Infofree offers fair pricing on the market. However, since its features are basic, there is no reason for users to opt for it rather than other sales leads firms with better quality at a more affordable price like LimeLeads.

We believe Infofree is the starting point for business owners who have never used the internet before. If you are looking for an all-rounded experience or high-quality leads, make sure to check out our packages on LimeLeads instead. We strictly collect all our data points from verifiable sources and maintain a reasonable price.

LimeLeads is your go-to marketing lead firm. Sign up now to unlock the full experience.


Infofree has been in the industry for over a decade and does generate quality leads for its users. Given its data quality and pricing, it can be a fairly good option if your niche falls within its strong fields. That being said, Infofree does not offer a comprehensive database across the industries and its tags are not complete at times. Sometimes the contact lists generated fall below the industry standards as well.

Therefore, there are a number of alternatives that might be a better fit for you. LimeLeads is a top lead-generating firm that offers packages at competitive prices.

Which one will you choose?

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