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Inbound marketing trends – How to drive sales?

Let’s admit inbound marketing is not easy. Inbound marketing is a strategy that uses many forms of pull marketing. On top of all, inbound marketing trends shift very fast.

It is becoming harder and harder each day to be on the top of the game;  Inbound marketing is not quick. Once you have published an awesome article, it can take a month or even years to rank it on the first page of the search engine.

It can be tricky, unpredictable, and requires patience. But at the end of the day, inbound marketing is the only way to grow your business in this digital world.

Inbound marketing is a long-term strategy, and the rewards are worth it. It is an ideal way to drive new leads or customers without paying thousands of dollars for the advertisements.

The only way to keep up in the fast-paced and changing environment is to follow the inbound marketing trends. You need to ollow these trends to drive-in content marketing in 2022 and coming years.

With more and more customers spending online, businesses have increased their investment in inbound marketing. It is crucial to follow the latest trends and adopt proven strategies to gain an advantage from your digital marketing efforts.

Before we dive into the top inbound marketing trends to follow, let’s have a look at why investing in inbound marketing is worth your effort.

Why should you invest in inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is not for faint hearts. It is a long-term investment and strategy. You have to be patient knowing that you may not benefit from the work you are doing for six months.

Consistency is the key to making your work compound and scale, and when it does, there is no better marketing strategy other than inbound.

The key reason to invest in inbound marketing is that it is all about engaging the customers via good content. Inbound does have a bit of a longer incubation period, unlike something more instant.

Moreover, if you look at the data, it suggests that brands and businesses also don’t have much choice. Modern customer behavior is transforming the sales and marketing process. Customers are also looking for good relevant content that helps them make the purchase decision.

Inbound leads are 61% more cheaply than outbound leads. Inbound content has also been proven to be more effective and engaging throughout the purchase funnel.

Top inbound marketing trends to follow in 2022

Now, let’s jump into the top marketing trends to look out for in 2022 and years beyond:

inbound marketing

1. Chatbots and conversational marketing improves customer experience

In most cases, the content on your website is to drive the customers down the funnel. As customer scans your website, they will start coming up with so many questions.

If no one is there to provide the answer to the questions, the customers will leave your website. To avoid this, customers are introducing AI-powered Chatbots to give their customers a quick response.

Chatbots are one of the most followed inbound marketing trends in 2022. These are designed for live chat and to talk with potential customers.

2. AI technology increases sales and reduces the cost

A survey has found that companies that use AI technology have improved revenue streams and increased sales. Moreover, it can help you create a more personalized and relevant experience for the customers.

One example is using personality insights to build a targeting strategy based on the users. Track the users who are more repetitive to your content. It will improve the results and help to maximize the money spent on the campaigns.

Artificial intelligence is all about personalizing the experience based on the customer’s actions and preferences.

More and more businesses are using Artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate their marketing process. About two-thirds of marketers have implemented the use of Chatbots for their websites.

3. Blogging will always be the king

We all know that content marketing is one of the most efficient ways to drive leads and sales. If you are not working on your blog consistently, you are missing the best opportunity to increase ROI.

Writing a long-form blog can generate more sales compared to an ad campaign that costs you thousands of dollars. But keep in mind, it can take time if you have no traffic.

The blogging market is growing very fast, and it drives traffic. That’s why blogging is one of the inbound marketing trends which is here to stay forever.

4. Interactive content is picking up the stream

Interactive content generates two times more conversion than passive content. 77% of marketers have admitted that interactive content has a reusable value. It results in more conversions, repeat visits, and multiple exposures.

We admit that traditional will always dominate the inbound marketing but interactive content is also picking the stream fast.

Using webinars, interactive apps, polls, infographics, and other interactive rich content can bring new life to your marketing strategy.

By enhancing the customer experience with the interactive content and element, you can have more on-page time and a higher engagement level.

5. Marketing automation is one of the top inbound marketing trends

Companies are preferring to spend more on technology than on advertising itself. As the inbound marketing strategies are expanding, the means to track and engage with customers are also increasing.

With marketing automation, companies can build rich customer profiles, prioritize leads through lead scoring, create targeted campaigns with triggered messaging across any channel, and prompt the final conversion at the right time.

  • How does marketing automation work?
  • Define what you are doing and your targeted audience?
  • Figure out which tasks can be automated and find the best-automated tools?
  • Measure your progress.

Artificial intelligence and marketing automation combined to form one of the best inbound marketing trends.

6. Video marketing helps to reach new customers and new levels

Video marketing is the form of content marketing that uses video as the main form of creative collateral. Videos outperform images in every way; more reach, more clicks, and cheaper per lead.

The expansion of social media has made video marketing one of the top inbound marketing trends. It results in high-level retention no matter where your audience is in the marketing funnel.

The only challenge of video marketing is to create a video that results in shares, conversions, and sales. If you haven’t started video marketing, it is time now.