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How To Create an Effective Inbound Email Marketing Strategy? – Explained

There are two types of marketing strategies, outbound and inbound. Outbound marketing strategy aims at spreading your brand to as many people as possible, regardless of their interests and backgrounds. It aims to throw a net at the general public so more are aware of your existence.

An inbound marketing strategy refers to targeting and generating interest from your audience in your brand. You are not aiming at everyone.

Email marketing is an inbound marketing strategy because those on your list subscribed voluntarily. They are following your updates. Without a doubt, an inbound marketing strategy is more effective because you already have a pool of people interested in what you do. All you need is to successfully get their attention and sell them your products.

How an Inbound Email Marketing Strategy Will Benefit You?

  • Cost-effective
  • Higher ROI potential
  • Authentic organic growth
  • Easy to start
  • Results are quantifiable

To begin with, an inbound email marketing strategy costs 62% less than traditional advertisements. Its ROI is also much more significant if you adopt the right tactics.

Instead of blindly shooting to the sky, email marketing has a clear goal. You can communicate with your potential customers and deepen their knowledge of your brand.

Email marketing is about growing your business organically. There is no paid service or ad. It is the most genuine way to attract loyal readers.

Besides, it is very user-friendly. You do not need to study the algorithms of social media platforms or master SEO to send out eye-catching email campaigns. Compared to other marketing strategies, email marketing is the most convenient.

Social media platforms are a hard game to handle. The algorithms change all the time. Unless you are skilled at it or you hire someone, it would be time-consuming to build a large audience base.

For startups without much capital, email marketing is easy to figure out. You can customize form templates and alter the design, content, and style accordingly for the best results.

Performances of email campaigns are so quantifiable. Clicks and purchases are recorded on the site. You can track the performance of each email easily. Other marketing strategies like TV ads have loads of uncertain factors. It is hard to measure the final results with the cost. Whereas, the analytics for email campaigns are readily retrievable.

There are plenty of benefits to creating an inbound email marketing strategy. It is the fastest way to grow your business organically. Now, you just need to know how to build a successful email campaign.

How To Create a Successful Inbound Email Marketing Strategy?



1. Inform your audience

First, the purpose is to generate interest from your existing audience. It should be informative. Your audience should be learning something new about your company. It should not be as promotional as an ad.

As opposed to ads with catchy one-liners and slogans, a successful email campaign would entail details about the products and services. Readers should get intrigued and want to buy from you.

Include as many details as possible. Do not forget to add the necessary links. Get your audience to click on your site.

2. Perfect your subject line

Keep your subject line clean and spam-free. Although your content should be informative, your headline should be a smart one-liner. No one is going to read an email with a long headline. People will lose interest immediately.

Include only the absolute essence in the subject line. Use emojis if they fit but do not put more than two in your headline as they can be seen as spam.

3. Provide value

Always think about the value of your email campaigns. What values are you adding to your audience? Why should they care? Make sure to include critical information about your company. Your audience should leave the email knowing more about your products than before.

4. Pick the right moment

Pick the right time to send the email. Depending on your location and goals, usually, email marketing campaigns are the most successful within office hours or early mornings on a workday. That’s when people check their inboxes.

Choosing the right time can increase the open rate by 60%. Aside from the content, timing is the most important factor impacting the result of your marketing strategy.

5. Build your email list

The power of an excellent inbound email marketing strategy can make you the next giant in your industry. To stand out from the competition, you will need access to email lists categorized by geographical location, tech spec, revenue, company size, profit margin, etc.

Databases like LimeLeads can help startups, growing companies, and established brands venture out for better and more business opportunities.

How To Build an Email List?

If you need to build out your email list there are several things you can do.

You might try adding pop-ups to your website for people to join your mailing list. You may also offer a lead magnet, such as a free piece of content or a discount in exchange for their email address. You can add a CTA at the bottom of blog posts, or you can advertise your newsletter on social media.

Make sure that whichever tactic you choose you are highlighting how you can provide value to the audience.

Alternatively, you can buy targeted lists of leads from reputable lead sites like LimeLeads. They can filter and personalize lists by industry sector, zip code or region.

At LimeLeads we strive to provide only the best quality leads with an accuracy rate of 92%, way above the industry average. As we are fully aware of the importance of having credible data, our data points are collected exclusively through primary channels.

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