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Types of Email Marketing – Run a successful campaign

A powerful tool you can use to draw, engage, and retain customers is email marketing. It is an essential part of the digital marketing strategy. There are many types of email marketing campaigns your business can send to boost brand awareness and generate sales.

73% of the brands prefer communication with their customers via emails, and 55% of the respondents admitted that email marketing influences their purchase decision.

The five main types of email marketing campaigns

In 1987, the marketing manager at the Digital Equipment Corporation sent off the first mass email. Since then, marketers have come up with different types of email marketing campaigns to make their way to the customer’s inbox. 

types of email marketing campaigns

In this blog, you will learn about the main types of email marketing campaigns. How can you use them, and why do they derive results. You can decide the best for you based on your email marketing goals.

1. Welcome Emails

The first impression matters the most, and you will not get a second chance to make it. Leave a lasting impression on your subscribers with a welcome email campaign.

Welcome emails are one of the ideal ways to capture the attention and connect with the new visitors to your website. More than 75% of the people expect to receive a welcome email after subscription.

Never sending a welcome email campaign is the worst thing you can do to your new subscribers. It is 80% more effective than other types of email marketing because of its 50% open rate.

Tips to follow for writing an effective welcome email

  • A welcome email is the first thing your customers will see. Invest your time to plan an effective welcome email as it is the way to reflect your brand.
  • Call to Actions and images are good elements for lengthy emails. Add a specific call to action to your emails.
  • Storytelling helps to build a stronger relationship with the subscribers. Introduce your team and story to make your brand more trustworthy.
  • Use powerful words in the subject line; don’t just write welcome. Spend your line to write a strong subject line for your welcome emails.

2. Lead generation emails (Traffic, discount, sales)

After sending the welcome emails, the next step is to work on your lead generation email campaign. One of the most commonly used strategies to generate leads is email marketing.

Lead generation emails are the types of email marketing campaigns you send to the buyers to convert them into fully-fledged buyers. You can offer special offers, discount coupons codes, and free shipping.

Remember, all emails can be lead generation emails, but not all emails can generate leads.

Tips for writing lead generate emails that generate leads

  • You can add more than one offer and CTAs in your lead generation email to claim the customers. Make sure the customers will not overlook the offer.
  • Don’t waste time highlighting your brand. Write a brief email, subject line, and copy.
  • Make sure to send the lead generation emails weekly. Keep your brand fresh in the customer’s mind with an automated lead generation email campaign.
  • Keep your customers engaged and happy with new or different types of offers.

3. Giveaway or contest emails

Use the giveaway or contest email marketing campaigns to announce and promote your giveaway/contest. You can write an email to the subscriber to let them know they have a great chance to win free goodies.

You can also use these types of email marketing campaigns to update people on the deadlines, terms and conditions, and the winner.

More than 70% of the subscribers prefer to receive giveaway or contest email campaigns.

Four tips for writing the attention-grabbing giveaway and contest emails

  • People want to know what the winning offer will be. Show your customers the prize they will win.
  • Provide all the information and place all the details of the giveaways and contests in your emails.
  • Call to Actions are the heart and soul of email marketing campaigns. A call to action helps to draw attention in the short span.
  • Send follow-up emails to the new subscribers.

4. Product emails

Customers usually sign up for a newsletter on a different website. After some hours, they receive one or two emails with a list of the new, seasonal, and best-selling products.

Many businesses send the subscribers or customers the products based on the activity based on their search history on the website.

These types of email marketing campaigns come under drip campaigns. You can calculate the conversion rate by average orders or lack of orders.

Four tips for writing the sales-driven product emails

  • Use healthy and high-quality images in your product emails. People want to see the pictures of the product instead of reading text about them.
  • Show your offer in the subject line like it is 10% off, buy one get one free or free shipping.
  • Add customer reviews, social media referrals, images of customers with the product, and links to the unboxing experience.
  • Adding multiple CTAs improve the chance of customers making a purchase.

5. Shopping cart abandonment emails

Shopping cart abandonment email is when customers come to your e-commerce store, add items to their carts, and then leave without making the purchase. There can be any reason for it.

It happens more than you imagine. The average shopping cart abandonment rate is more than 70%. Send the shopping cart abandonment emails is an ideal way to recover the delayed sales.

40% of the people open these types of email marketing campaigns. More than 50% of the customers click on the shopping cart abandonment emails.

Tips for writing  shopping cart abandonment emails to recover lost

  • Personalization goes a long way, and you should add the first name tag to make the customers feel that you are not a robot.
  • Use high-quality images and appealing colors to make the difference.
  • Most of the shopping abandonment carts are because customers want to save money. So offer the shoppers some discount offers.
  • Create a sense of emergency. Add a deadline or countdown to let the customers know that it is limited time offer.

Before you start working on your email marketing campaigns, you need to decide on the ultimate goal. Would you like to generate more traffic? Do you want to offer a course? Or do you only want a more open rate?

Having a specific goal in your mind will lead you in the right direction. It will help you decide which types of email marketing campaigns will work best for you.