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Find eCommerce Leads | eCommerce Lead Generation Guide

Are you selling a product or service to eCommerce businesses? If you aren’t sure about how to find eCommerce leads effectively, or you’re looking for some new eCommerce lead generation ideas, this guide is for you.

E-commerce is a big business, some eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Shopee, etc have thousands of employees working from across the globe. Therefore, they definitely will need a lot of things to help operate, maintain and grow their businesses.

If a business successfully got a deal with one of these eCommerce sites, it often means a big success for the whole company. Let’s say your company provides training services for Amazon’s employees from time to time, then you’re probably not going to worry much about generating revenue to help your company survive.

What are eCommerce leads?

eCommerce leads are the people that are working for eCommerce businesses and are interested in buying your products or services for their companies. These people are usually high-level executives such as owners, CEOs, CFOs, managers, or the ones that are in purchasing positions.

The bigger the company, the more complicated the purchasing process is. However, the bigger the company, the bigger the deals and the harder it’s going to be for you to close the deals.

Why do businesses find it hard to generate eCommerce leads effectively?

A lot of businesses find lead generation very challenging for them. However, it can be a pretty easy task if you know how to do it right.

The main reason that makes lead gen much harder for businesses is the accuracy of their prospects.

Prospects are the people that you think have the best chance of becoming interested in buying your product. Prospects may have known about your business or may not and they haven’t expressed any interest in your company’s products yet.

Businesses usually get in touch with prospects via cold emailing or calling. Cold emailing is basically sending emails to your prospects and cold calling is calling your prospects using their personal or company phone numbers.

If you have a list of prospects with inaccurate contact information, you won’t be able to reach them. In fact, keep trying to get in touch with these prospects will end up doing more harm than good to your business.

In other cases, the prospects are just irrelevant to what your business has to offer. Therefore, contacting them is just a waste of time and effort.

The following are a few common signs of bad prospects:

  • Invalid email addresses. This means your emails will never reach them. This can potentially harm your domain and its deliverability.
  • Not able to call your prospects.
  • Lower than 20% open rate, very low click, and reply rate if you’re sending cold emails.
  • Your prospect lists don’t have prospects’ names and other essential info such as their companies, job titles, etc.

Popular strategies to find eCommerce leads effectively

There are several strategies to generate eCommerce leads, some are well-known strategies, and some are new. Popular lead gen strategies are proven effective and used by most digital marketers today.

The other, more creative ways of generating leads can be effective as well, however, some of them may pose risks to your businesses.

When it comes to finding eCommerce leads or any other types of leads, the outreach strategy has to be mentioned.

1. Outreach strategy for generating eCommerce leads

Outreach is the process of finding excellent eCommerce prospects and reaching out to them using cold emailing, cold calling, or both at the same time.

The most important stage of outreach strategy is generating excellent prospects. Generating excellent eCommerce prospects can decide the outcome of your eCommerce lead generation effort.

  • Prospect generation

eCommerce prospects are the people that you think have the highest probability of becoming interested in buying your products for their eCommerce companies.

As mentioned earlier, bad prospects can cause your outreach campaigns to perform poorly. In a worst-case scenario, they can cost your business a lot of money, your business and domain’s authority, ranking, deliverability, etc.

Therefore, if you’re running outreach campaigns to generate eCommerce leads, it’s a must to generate excellent prospects. The following are several ways to do that:

  • Using marketing software to generate eCommerce prospect lists
  • Building a data scraper to collect eCommerce prospects from the Internet
  • Using a reliable B2B leads database to generate excellent eCommerce prospects

The first method requires using 2 or 3 paid tools together to generate prospect lists and it’s limited to only certain types of data that you can collect.

The second method is usually expensive and takes time to build a functioning software that is able to generate the data you want from the Internet.

The last method is the most affordable and fastest way to generate excellent eCommerce prospects. Reliable B2B leads databases like Limeleads provide excellent eCommerce prospects with top-notch data accuracy while being affordable to businesses of all sizes.

At Limeleads, a leading B2B leads database, we ensure businesses will get the best eCommerce prospects and support in the industry by offering:

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  • Advanced filters that help businesses get very specific eCommerce prospects down to which technology their platforms are using, their locations, job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles and more.
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find ecommerce leads


  • Cold emailing and calling

Cold emailing is the most popular outreach strategy to get in touch with prospects. For most businesses, cold emailing is superior to cold calling since it offers a lot more advantages compared to cold calling.

Cold emailing pros
  • Cold emailing can reach many prospects quickly
  • Cold emailing is affordable
  • Cold emailing can bring a high conversion rate
  • Cold emailing is much less annoying than cold calling
  • It’s easy to obtain cold emailing campaigns’ performance stats for further optimization.
Cold emailing cons
  • Companies may face issues with email deliverability
  • It can be challenging for beginners to learn to do it right.
Cold calling pros
  • Cold calling is a very personalized outreach method. Personalized conversations usually can help companies establish good relationships with prospects more quickly.
  • Cold-calling campaigns are generally easier to start and maintain.
  • Cold calling in some cases can bring the highest conversion rate compared to cold emailing
Cold calling cons
  • Cold calling can be very expensive when running on a large scale
  • Cold calling is annoying
  • It’s much harder to track precisely the performance of cold-calling campaigns

2. Paid ads for eCommerce lead generation

Linkedin lead gen form ads and Facebook lead generation ads are two of the most well-known ads that are designed specifically for lead generation.

They make it easier for prospects to become leads by displaying a form to the prospects repeatedly while they are online. By showing the form many times, they motivate the prospects to leave their contact information to be contacted later by the advertisers.

Paid ads can help generate eCommerce leads very fast, however, the cost is what most businesses are concerned about. As of 2022, Linkedin ads’ cost per lead can be anywhere between $1 to $100 while Facebook’s is $19 on average across all industries. The cost per lead can vary greatly depending on your target industry and how you set up your campaigns.

Due to the ad cost, most small to medium size businesses cannot stick to ads for long, therefore, these prefer cold emailing to keep the cost down while being able to generate good leads.

3. SEO and lead magnets

When you’re providing a service or product for eCommerce businesses, it usually takes a lot of articles for your potential clients to understand how your product can help make life easier for them.

Publishing these guides not only will help educate your prospects about your products but also generate organic traffic for your business’ website.

The more organic traffic you have, the more leads you will get and the more sales you will be able to make. Organic traffic is the most valuable asset of an online business since it tends to be stable and costs less to maintain as time goes on.

However, SEO has become very competitive over the past several years, it’s the most valuable and also the most challenging traffic channel. If you have just started your blog, it’s very likely that your site won’t see any significant traffic for years to come.

But if you already have a site that has good organic traffic, you can use it to generate leads effectively. SEO when combined with one or a few good lead magnets can improve your lead generation’s performance significantly.

Lead magnets can be as simple as a useful checklist or an eBook. Lead magnets are given to website visitors for free in exchange for their contact information.

Over the course of time, you will be able to generate a sizeable list of prospects. You then can send emails, call or use ads to target these prospects and turn them into clients.

Use social media groups to find Ecommerce leads

One effective way to generate interest in your products is to join Facebook groups or Subreddits where e-commerce executives are active.

By engaging in discussions and sharing valuable insights, you can establish yourself as a knowledgeable industry leader and attract the attention of potential customers.

It’s important to focus on building genuine relationships and trust with group members, rather than solely promoting your products. This approach can lead to increased interest in your offerings and ultimately result in more leads for your business.


Of all strategies for eCommerce lead generation, cold emailing is the safest bet for small businesses. Businesses are recommended to try different strategies to see which one will work best, however, we recommend focusing on cold emailing since it offers many advantages.

You can try social media to establish personal relationships with the C-level executives that are working at your target eCommerce companies. This is a good way to try to sell your products, especially when they are expensive.

Doing business at the early stages is a tiring survival battle. While businesses should test different strategies to generate leads and sales, effectively controlling the cost is vital.

If you get stuck anywhere with your lead generation campaigns, do not hesitate to contact Limeleads at [email protected] or via our live chat support. Our expert support is available any day of the week to help you out!