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Data Axle Genie (Formerly SalesGenie) Alternatives: Competitor Overview

The world is fast-changing. You will need to stay relevant to current events in your industry. Data Axle Genie, formerly known as SalesGenie, is a sales generating tool that claims to provide businesses with valuable leads.

Maybe you have tried Data Axle Genie and you don’t love it. Perhaps you want something more specific, or perhaps you are just curious about the alternatives.


We review Data Axle Genie, see how it compares to Lime Leads, and list the top alternatives below.

Data Axle Genie Advantages:

  • A smart system that generates potential leads based on your search history and preferences. Its guess system automatically presents new leads daily.
  • Directly sends out messages and emails to potential clients through their system.
  • Email campaigns and analysis to increase competitiveness

Data Axle Genie Disadvantages:

  • Only monthly plans are available. There is no credit plan that allows customers to save credits for later.
  • Extremely expensive
  • The system is very complicated and difficult to navigate if you are not technology-smart. It is not that user-friendly.
  • Each team member will need his own account to perform teamwork. The team-building feature is rigid.


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Best Data Axle Genie (SalesGenie) Alternatives

Here are some of Data Axle Genies’ top competitors:

1. LimeLeads

  • Huge lead database with millions of US leads
  • 92% accuracy
  • Affordable

If you are after leads for your B2B business, Limeleads is the place to go. It is a lead database with millions of US leads across a huge variety of sectors.

LimeLeads exclusively builds leads with public info from trusted sources like government reports, company statements, and market research. They update their database every 90 days to ensure accuracy, which is 92%.

For the price range, LimeLeads’ database is more comprehensive than others on the market. And it is super easy to use.

2. ZoomInfo

  • Access leads
  • Automate sales
  • Easy integration

ZoomInfo can help businesses reach their sales targets by combining best-in-class technology with unrivaled data coverage, accuracy, and depth of contacts.

ZoomInfo offers insight-driven engagement to help you uncover target audiences and hit your targets. To help you speed your pipeline, ZoomInfo’s range of products combines B2B intelligence and corporate contact data with engagement tools and dynamic procedures.

You can use ZoomInfo’s fully loaded suite of apps or integrate the most comprehensive B2B data into your tech stack to reach your buyers faster. ZoomInfo can help you automate sales by removing productivity bottlenecks and increasing sales engagements.

It also allows fast and continuous integration, ensuring that your apps are always up to date with your entire target market. It also aids in centralizing candidate placement and sourcing, as well as maximizing your market strategy’s return on investment.

3. Detective

  • Find leads
  • Sales research feature
  • Personalized outreach

Detective by Charlie is a web-based sales outreach software designed to provide clients with a more personalized outreach experience. It automates a client’s sales research process by filtering through hundreds of source papers in order to give users a more valuable selling experience.

You can use it before cold calls, outreach, and meetings to find essential intel about your various accounts. Browser Automation is enabled for prospecting, allowing research to be completed via your web browser. With just a single prospect entering, it may conduct extensive research. It assists customers in converting their ineffective emails into higher-performing emails that receive responses from purchasers.

To save time, Detective ensures that its clients discover and target the proper contacts. It aids sales personnel in qualifying or dismissing a prospect based on demographic data. To sample and evaluate the product, there is a free demo version available.


  • Uses AI
  • Lead generation feature
  • Lead engagement platform is a Business Intelligence platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that found fast-develop enterprises for business growth success. It helps businesses and enterprises generate and engage with valuable leads, Gazelles, who are fast-growing startups.

Its AI-enabled solutions assist you in identifying growth organizations so that you may contact just the most valuable leads. It aids in the building of usable target account lists, account prioritization, target company monitoring, prospect task management and automation, and getting relevant business-specific data.

It also guarantees that conference ROI is maximized, that success is hastened, and that accounts are kept and grown. It also allows you to add growth companies to your pipeline. It allows users to improve and level up their deal flow in order to boost their business development approach.

It also includes an analytical framework, engagement tools, and research resources to aid in the growth and development of your company. Before purchasing the product, offers a free trial version to test and try.

5. BoostUp

  • Platform to boost revenue
  • Manage pipeline
  • AI forecasting

BoostUp is a revenue-boosting platform that helps businesses improve predictability, efficiency, and growth across their entire sales process in order to increase revenue collection. It allows you to assess your current and upcoming quarter’s health and pipeline coverage, identify pipeline gaps, and organize your sales and marketing efforts toward new pipeline generation in order to close loopholes and boost income.

With BoostUp, you get customizable dashboards to help you strengthen your pipeline, as well as sophisticated tools that help you identify pipeline progression, cohort analysis, and pipeline trends. To receive actionable insights and complete business faster, you can automate your forecasting using BoostUp’s AI-powered intelligent forecasting service.

By automating Sales Analytics, reports, and custom dashboards, reduces the need for manual reporting. Aside from forecast, pipeline, account, and opportunity data, users can adopt sales processes and seeing deal activity in order to speed up transaction progression and growth. On their official website, you may request a free demo session to try out and test their features.

How Does Data Axle Genie Compare to Limeleads?


What does Data Axle Genie do?

Like any lead-generating tool, Data Axle Genie systematically categorized leads by zip code, industry, company size, etc, for instant access for business owners to evaluate new opportunities.

Data Axle Genie claims to have over 61 million business leads and 315 million consumer leads in its database. While there is no source on where this number comes from, the site looks fairly complex and professional.

With its search function, you can filter through millions of leads and get the results you want. It allows multiple filters to fit all your requirements. Having B2B business leads will help your business tremendously.

While Data Axle Genie is a good option. There are certain aspects that it lacks when it comes to generating useful sales leads. And that’s why you should choose LimeLeads instead.

Is Data Axle Genie good for generating sales leads?

Data Axle Genie is certainly not a good lead-generating tool. However, there are limitations in its database that may be an obstacle in analyzing the best business opportunities for you. Data Axle Genie does not update its database regularly to stay on top of trends and business prospects.

Customers are unable to see what’s new in their respective industries or see the latest leads added to the database. The freshest sales leads are not shown on top of search results. It seems like the system automatically categorizes the results by relevancy and new leads take a while for the system to recognize it as the most relevant. Therefore, you end up with the least relevant leads instead.

Here at LimeLeads, the newest leads are shown on top of the search results as we understand the importance of having new leads. You will not be presented with the same list every time. We value your time and effort. Hence, we commit to offering the most comprehensive experience.

Our database is updated every 90 days to ensure outdated leads are taken out of the system. That is how we maintain our accuracy rate at 92%, which is way above the industry average. Not only old leads are useless, but sending out promotional materials to the wrong place could do some serious damage to your brand reputation.

You must select a lead-generating tool that you can trust 100%. LimeLeads’ client satisfaction rate is 100% because we care, commit, and dedicate ourselves to the best.

How does Data Axle Genie source its data?

Data Axle Genie has an extensive list of contact for every industry. There is no doubt that plenty of its contacts will lead you to sales. From the website, Data Axle Genie collects information from reputable sources to ensure accuracy. Any trusted B2B business database should only have its data sourced from first-hand information.

Data Axle Genie does not state clearly whether all of its campaign analytics, database, and courses are built from primary sources only.

Using second-hand data is risky because you have a chance of creating a business strategy entirely based on inaccurate content. Secondary sources often face the problem of mistranslation. The most valuable content is often lost in translation. You should always manually verify second-hand information and locate its primary source so you know it is a channel you can trust.

LimeLeads makes a point of only building our data vault with primary information. Only reliable first-hand channels, like government statements, company reports, and official news outlets, are considered. We strictly scrape all unverified second-hand information. Every data point in our database is guaranteed to be from an official source.

This highly increases our accuracy. That’s why our long-term clients have stayed with us and keep coming back.

What does Data Axle Genie include in its packages?

Data Axle Genie takes on the expensive side of the sales lead market. Its basic plan starts from $99 per month for individual customers and $149 per month for businesses. This pricing is extremely expensive. You will find a lot of cheaper options with the same quality or even higher.

The basic plan at Data Axle Genie only comes with the typical unlimited searches, profile analysis, and training support. There is nothing that sets it apart from its competitors. To enjoy more benefits, you will need to upgrade to other pricing plans.

Its 360 marketing plan allows you to access its advanced analysis of your potential clients to distinguish between promising business partners and flimsy leads. It also automatically identify leads based on your past search history and set preferences so you are presented with leads every time you log in. You do not have to manually set your filters every time. Its smart system does it for you.

If you want to share the search results with your team members or allocate tasks, you will need the premium team plan, which is $249 per month for individuals and a striking $299 per month for businesses.

The plan allows you to add up to 5 users and collaborate with your team through its system. If you are running a small business, this would be necessary so you don’t have to create an extra spreadsheet and coordinate with your team.

The pricing of Data Axle Genie is fairly unjust as there are loads of more affordable options out there. Most businesses that need B2B marketing leads the most are the ones that are just starting or scaling up their businesses. Either way, they are not the ones with the most capital or money to spare. They are unlikely to be able to spend this much money every month.

Besides, most businesses do not actively require new leads every month. On the contrary, they usually need new leads every season. Paying for a monthly plan that they cannot utilize fully is a waste of money. This rigid pricing system is common in the industry.

Although this pricing system is popular on the market, LimeLeads understands how it can frustrating for customers. Therefore, we do not adhere to the norm. We want our clients to be happy with their investments.

LimeLeads follows the credit system where you purchase credits to use. Credits never expire so you can come back anytime to perform more searches. Once you join LimeLeads, you have lifetime access with your credits. You do not have to stress about finishing your credits before a deadline. Take the time to build your empire. LimeLeads is here anytime for you.

Our plan takes into account the competitive price on the market and the most affordable one averages $29 per month. At this price, we offer the top quality on the market and with trusted leads.

A free cold email course is also included for those who just started in the marketing world. This course is essential in building up your knowledge on cold email strategies, constructing email campaigns, and setting your target audience.

The course is evaluated at $79 and our customers get to join for free. We have included some free email templates, interview transcripts from industry experts, worksheets, guidebooks, and in-depth overviews of several trending industries. This course is exactly what you will need to kickstart your brand and take things up to the next level.

Choose a lead-generating tool that maximizes your interests and suits your business goals. Always remember that you don’t need to go bankrupt before you have some successful leads. You just need to know where to find a reliable B2B marketing company.

What if the leads are subpar?

Data Axle Genie is very confident in the quality of the leads generated by its engine. User reviews seem to have suggested the tool does generate good leads. However, if on the off chance that your leads do not meet your expectations, that is a risk you have to bear.

Data Axle Genie does not refund or compensate clients for leads that perform below the industry average. You will always take the risk if you play around with different filters and requirements and the results do not end up helping your business.

Clients should never take the risk if the quality of the contact list generated is subpar. The company should be responsible at all times for its database quality. We understand this by heart completely. That’s why LimeLeads offers a full refund for any lead that falls below standards or is subpar with its performance. We take the risk for you so you can enjoy the process and take no risk in finding the best possible sales database.

How to know which sales magnet is good for you?

It’s not always easy to know which package is the best for you when you are new in the field. There are lots of factors to consider. For example, not every database is all-rounded in all industries. Some focus heavily on the finance sector while some focus on the government sector. There are also sales databases that provide comprehensive contact lists in all fields.

Then, some sales magnets only take into account domestic factors as they believe your business is local. They don’t take into consideration how international companies would be a good match. Hence, their databases will not generate lists or inaccurately give you lists of contacts that do not benefit you the most.

You need to correctly identify their search engines and their packages. Data Axle Genie has a reasonably powerful search engine on the market. However, since its pricing is on the luxurious end of the business. There is not really a reason to justify its overpricing strategy.

For the same price, you will find an equally comprehensive, if not superbly better, database in LimeLeads. We have a team of excerpts that regularly updates our data points in every field.

We are proud to say that LimeLeads has an extensive range of leads. From the popular healthcare sector to lesser-known niches like gas stations, radio channels, trucking companies, and mortgage brokers, we have the full list you will need. Everything is systematically categorized. You can fully enjoy our analytics to figure out the best marketing strategy for you.


Data Acle Genie fulfills its promises in generating sales leads for individuals and companies. It does what it does. But it does not tick the box for advanced features like flexible packages, affordable pricing for smaller businesses, and complex advanced searches.

If you are looking to boost up your business, LimeLeads has one of the best value for money that you will find. Its competitive marketing pricing guarantees you to pay a reasonable price. Invite your team members to collaborate on projects and export the results instantly. All email contacts are verified upon export to add extra security to increase accuracy.

Try Limeleads to Get Customized SaaS & Software Lead List.