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Corporate Contact Database | Corporate Contact Database For Marketing Guide

Corporate contact databases are a must for corporations or large companies to maintain smooth operations and generate growth.

Maintaining an up-to-date corporate contact database is one of the top priorities for a corporation since it holds all the data about employees, partners, and clients.

Enriching a marketing corporate contact database is a task that aims to collect more potential clients for lead and sales generation. In this article, you will learn what a corporate contact database is, its functionalities, types of corporate contact databases, and how to maintain and update them properly.

Corporate contact database definition

A corporation may have many corporate contact databases to cater to different purposes such as operation, partnership, and marketing.

A corporate contact database for operation keeps a record of all the current and past employees and all other information about them such as expertise, family member, criminal records, etc. This database is crucial for maintaining a smooth operation and is often handled by the HR department.

A corporate contact database for marketing is sometimes called a marketing contact database. This type of corporate contact database is crucial for the corporation to generate new sales, which is essential for growth.

Another important corporate contact database is the database that keeps all the information about the corporation’s existing clients. A corporation needs to keep this database up-to-date every day to maintain or build good relationships with its clients.

Corporate Contact Database For Marketing

As you can see, there are many different types of corporate contact databases that are designed for different purposes.

However, we’re going to talk more about the corporate contact database for marketing since it directly affects how a company grows.

A marketing contact database for corporations is an essential tool for a corporation to grow bigger. It contains all the details about potential clients for a corporation such as their names, companies, job titles, locations, interests, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

This marketing contact database for corporations is often very complex since it has a lot of data for the company’s sales and marketing departments to work on finding new leads and clients.

The more information the database has and the more accurate the data about the prospects, the better the chance of driving more sales and growth.

Corporations spend millions of dollars every year to enrich and keep their marketing contact databases in optimal condition.

How an excellent marketing contact database can help corporations with better growth?

The main purpose of a marketing corporate contact database is to help the marketing and sales department to start reaching out to the right prospects and turning them into leads and clients.

An excellent marketing contact database provides all the information needed for sales and marketing professionals to understand their prospects and contact them successfully.

The more easily the professionals can reach the prospects, the more money the corporations will be able to save and make. Running a big team of sales and marketing professionals is costly, and it definitely needs top-notch data accuracy for them to reach the prospects effectively.

Moreover, contacting the right people will help your business build a positive image much more effectively. Imagine if your business is selling accounting services, but you contacted IT professionals, it would leave them a negative impression of your company.



How to build a marketing corporate contact database properly?

Building a marketing corporate contact database effectively needs two major stages. The first stage is maintaining the database and the second one is enriching it.

1. Maintaining a corporate contact database for marketing

Maintaining a marketing corporate contact database requires daily work with high accuracy of data entry tasks. The data entry tasks shouldn’t be too complicated for junior employees to work on.

However, if the tasks are performed by the sales and marketing professionals themselves, it will be better for them to understand how their lead and sales generation campaigns are doing and whether or not they’re in need of some adjustments.

Depending on the size and complexity of the database and the technology the corporation is using, maintaining the database can be an easy or challenging task.

Corporations that have large contact databases should invest in maintaining the databases properly since if it goes wrong, it can cost a lot of money for them to make it right.

2. Enriching a corporate contact database for marketing

Enriching marketing contact databases is done solely for corporations’ growth. Enriching a marketing contact database means adding more prospects and accurate data about them as effectively as possible.

This task includes finding the right prospects and information about them, verifying the data, segmenting them, and recording them into the database along with the existing contacts.

There are several ways for a corporation to enrich its marketing contact databases effectively, some of them are as follows:

  • Use paid ads to find prospects.
  • Build a scraper software to harvest public data from the Internet.
  • Use SEO and lead magnets to generate prospects and leads.
  • Buy data from a reliable data provider.

While the first three strategies cost more money and are complex tasks, the last one is the fastest way for corporations to acquire excellent prospects and leads fast. The benefits of buying contact and data from a reliable B2B sales leads database are as follows:

  • Corporations can acquire a lot of contacts and data very fast.
  • A reliable database will help businesses get the right contacts easily and at a reasonable price.
  • The data provider will make sure the data is up-to-date and accurate.
  • The database will also provide support and other policies to minimize the risk of investment.

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Keeping corporate contact databases including the marketing contact database in optimal condition is one of the top priorities for corporations because they directly affect how the businesses are running and growing.

Enriching the marketing contact database is a crucial task also. Having many new and good prospects will help the sales teams close more deals and contribute to the growth of the companies significantly.

While there are many different ways to perform the two tasks mentioned above, only a few ways work best for your business. Running a business at a large scale needs a lot of caution, any bad choices can potentially cost a lot of time and money.

When it comes to finding more excellent prospects to enrich your marketing contact database,  one of the best choices is to use a reliable data provider because it can provide a lot of verified contacts and data fast at an affordable price.