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Cheap Email Lists | A Guide To Buying Quality But Cheap Email Lists

Emails can create valuable business contacts. Generating cheap email lists that are qualified and suitable for small businesses’ budgets is an important task.

Generating leads is vital for B2B businesses. Email marketing is one of the ways for creating B2B business leads. It is one of the inexpensive and most affordable ways to reach target prospects and improve the business, especially when you can get good prospect lists with cheap prices.

Plenty of email marketing lead providers are out there. These have unique features and pricing. But businesses need to find the most affordable ones to generate good email lists since you will need to use up many lists and contacts until you can generate enough leads and sales.

What is an email list?

The email list contains a collection of email addresses that are likely to show interest in the products or services offered by the business.

Such lists may include newsletter subscribers, blog subscribers, or any email address gathered personally. Email lists with many different data points about the contacts are called prospect or contact lists.

These lists can contain a lot of data but must always have the most basic and important information such as name, location, company, job title, and email address. Email lists as prospect lists are used mainly for cold emailing and targeting ads. These are also two of the most effective and popular outbound marketing strategies right now.

Cheap email lists don’t equate to low-quality email lists. In fact, there are a few lead databases in the world that still offer cheap but excellent email lists.

Excellent email lists are a vital part of the sales process and include the names and contact information of the persons who can take decisions. Businesses can use a B2B email list for many purposes: 

  • Emailing the features of goods or services to prospects as a part of the marketing campaign.
  • Targeting advertising
  • Sending newsletters or periodic updates.
  • Sending deals/promotions to grow their businesses

Who needs cheap email lists?

Depending on many factors such as the email list provider, and the size and data points of the email list that you’re requesting, email lists can be cheap or expensive.

Some data providers on the Internet accompany their email lists with other tools or features that come with the lists, and that makes the email lists expensive. However, small to medium-sized businesses don’t really need those features, therefore, to obtain cheap email lists, the businesses will need to find the right data provider.

Emails have changed the way how B2B businesses interact with prospects and existing customers. Customers can receive receipts through emails and businesses can also follow them up using emails to build a loyal customer base.

Email marketing costs less than traditional marketing campaigns. No matter which industry a business falls into, it can benefit from email marketing. Taking the help of email lists, one can promote B2B businesses by turning prospects into paying customers.


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Reasons for building cheap email lists

Maybe you have just started your B2B journey. Email lists can prove to be valuable possession and deliver plenty of benefits. Here are the major ones.

  • Cheaper: Emails are cheaper than all other digital marketing strategies. While digital ads are suffering from high costs and uncertain effectiveness, emails can produce desired results.
  • Offer personalization: It is possible to personalize emails, but a business can never personalize business ads. Moreover, businesses can automate emails according to the prospect’s behavior. It is not possible for others.
  • Better targeting: Businesses can send emails based on location, buying patterns, and the best hours to send emails.
  • Ensures ownership: A business need not depend upon other companies or platforms for email marketing. The business remains the sole owner of the valuable list.
  • Relationship building: Digital ads try to reach out to large audiences with the same message. Businesses can send bespoke emails to different prospects to meet their specific needs. It creates a strong customer relationship.

Generating cheap email lists

An excellent list of emails helps businesses to reach prospects and find customers successfully. Businesses can generate email lists in the following ways.

  • Use Google search: Google is a great place to search for prospects manually. A business can do that by using the right keywords. But you need to spend a lot of time on this.
  • Use Facebook ads: Businesses can use the Facebook ads platform for showing ads and directing interested people to the website. Prospects can sign up for newsletters by filing a form.
  • Use lead magnets:  A lead magnet is a free e-book containing images. It helps to create leads from organic traffic.
  • Use incentives: Businesses can offer visitors incentives for subscribing to the email list. It could be in the form of discounts, free delivery, or something they are likely to be interested in. 
  • Offer gaming: Sometimes incentives are not enough to engage visitors. Businesses must think out of the box and offer games to attract them.
  • Build email lists offline: Businesses can also follow the traditional methods of building offline email lists. Business fairs, seminars, meetings, etc. are great for this. 
  • Buy email lists: The above ways involve manual work and they are time-consuming. Buying B2B email lists could be the right alternative. Businesses can buy excellent email lists from LimeLeads at an affordable price. Limeleads also offers flexible plans with a free cold email course and free trials.

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Why should you buy email lists?

There are several reasons why you might want to buy an email list:

  • Instantly connect with potential customers: Buying an email list allows you to instantly connect with a large number of potential customers. This can be particularly useful if you are introducing a new product or service and want to spread the word quickly.
  • Effortlessly save time: Creating an email list from scratch can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. By purchasing an already existing list, you can effortlessly save yourself the time and effort it would take to build your own.
  • Precisely target specific demographics: Many email list providers offer the ability to precisely target specific demographics, such as age, location, and interests. This can help you reach the right audience for your product or service.
  • Boost sales: By reaching more potential customers, you increase your chances of boosting your sales. An email list can be a valuable tool for increasing your sales and growing your business.

It’s important to note that not all email lists are of equal quality. It’s important to do your research and choose a reputable provider to ensure that the list you purchase is high-quality and up-to-date.

How do you know if you wasted money on bad email lists?

Buying low-quality email lists happens quite frequently since there are only a few reliable data providers in the market and businesses will need to run campaigns based on the lists and wait for the results in order to assess whether or not the lists they bought are good ones.

Moreover, businesses will need to acquire a certain amount of knowledge that allows them to assess the email lists’ quality accurately. If you experience one or more of the following, it’s almost certain that you’ve just wasted your time and money on bad email lists.

  • You received a lot of system emails that say your emails couldn’t reach the recipients or the email addresses do not exist.
  • Your email campaigns have below 10% open rate.
  • Your email lists have very limited information about your contacts. Email list providers should give you more information about your contacts’ email addresses in the lists such as email quality grade (1-100%, 1% being the worst and 100% being the best)
  •  Support takes a long time to answer your questions or won’t respond at all.
  • No free trials

Summing up

Cheap email lists are important for B2B businesses irrespective of the sector and size. Businesses also must prioritize the quality of the lists, its price isn’t the only important factor. It lets businesses connect with prospects for growing the business.

While one can generate email lists in-house, buying them from LimeLeads is a better option because you can generate excellent email lists fast at an affordable price.