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Buy Leads Online | Is It A Good Way To Generate Leads?

The people who are interested in buying or using your products or services are called leads. In some other cases, leads can also be understood as those who want to do business with your company or attend an event held by you.

Leads are basically your potential clients and lead generation is essential for any business to stay afloat and grow bigger.

There are several strategies to generate leads effectively and one of them is buying leads online from a reliable B2B leads database. But first, let’s learn about some of the most popular lead generation methods available today.

Lead generation by the use of social media

Everybody nowadays uses social media to connect with friends, stay up to date with the trends, learn new things or even do serious business.

Since most of us use social media, businesses know it’s a great place to find leads and clients. Despite knowing this fact, most businesses haven’t utilized social media to its full potential.

Social media can be used to generate leads in the following ways:

  • Use social media to target and build relationships with people who are most likely to become your clients.
  • Take advantage of social media’s algorithms to gain more organic traffic
  • Utilize social media’s messages to generate leads and clients
  • Use lead generation ads designed by social media to find leads fast.

Using social media to generate leads isn’t easy since it requires a lot of time and hard work. But the results can be great because social media leads tend to convert into paying clients faster than if obtained from other sources.

Using a combination of online tools to generate leads

This method isn’t for everybody because it can be quite challenging, especially for beginners or people who are not into software and the Internet.

To generate leads this way, you basically need 2 types of software, one for generating a list of prospects and one for extracting data from web pages.

Two notable candidates for the first type are SEMrush and Ahrefs. These two tools can help you create a list of sites that are similar to the one you’re looking for.

The very first step you need to do is to put the website of the business that you think is ideal to reach out into the software. After a few more clicks, you’ll be able to generate a list of prospects based on your input.

The second type of software that is used to extract data from websites will help you collect the contact information of all employees who are being mentioned on the websites.

When having the contact information, you can then choose whichever way you like to reach out to them. We recommend running cold emailing campaigns to target the prospects.

The disadvantage of this tactic is that it doesn’t have many targeting options for you to really hand-pick the ones that are most suitable for your business. Therefore, you will need to refine the list further and that’s not an easy task.

Also, as mentioned above, this method is quite technical and isn’t meant for beginners. Therefore, you will need to spend some time learning how to do it right.

Build a web scraper to collect leads

Much like the 2nd strategy, this one is also software that is specially designed to mine data from web pages. The only difference is that you have full control of how it’s going to work.

Let’s say you need leads who are CEOs of SaaS businesses in LA, that use Woocommerce and Paypal for operation. You can customize your scraper to collect this type of lead for you.

However, building a web scraper is usually very expensive. Therefore, when you need an adjustment or change your targeting requirements, it’s going to add a considerable number to your operating expenses.



Lead magnet and SEO for lead generation

The use of lead magnets and SEO is hands down one of the most effective ways to generate high-quality leads.

The only question is that would you be able to do a good job of SEO to generate considerable organic traffic to your site?

SEO is an incredibly competitive aspect of digital marketing and it’s been becoming more challenging day after day. I’ve seen many people that spent several years writing and publishing blogs but still haven’t had more than 100 visitors a day.

In order to generate leads effectively through lead magnets, your site will need to get good traffic from SEO first, and that’s no easy task, more or less of a challenge depending on the niche that you’re into.

Also, in order for this strategy to work out for you, you must spend a good amount of time and effort creating a good lead magnet.

Lead magnets can be a recipe, an ebook or anything that can be downloaded by your users in exchange for their contact information such as email addresses.

If you already have a website that has good organic traffic, creating a good lead magnet for lead generation wouldn’t be a problem. If you have just started a new website, this strategy of lead generation must be the biggest challenge.

Paid ads for lead generation

Paid ads for lead generation can be very effective. Running ads for lead generation on social media is a good idea. However, there are some obstacles you will need to overcome.

  • Set up ads to target the audiences that are most likely to convert.
  • Interpret the ads’ performance stats correctly for further ads optimization.
  • Prepare a good budget as ads can be expensive. Most small to medium-sized businesses can’t stick with paid ads for long.

Google ads can be useful for lead gen if you have a good landing page and lead magnet. Visitors coming through Google Ads on SERPs will need to convert into leads either by completing a form on your website or downloading your lead magnet.

Paid ads are usually used to increase sales. Most businesses find it most effective that way, however, depending on how highly you value your leads, paid ads can be worthwhile.

Buy leads online

Most people usually think buying leads is most likely expensive but buying leads from a reputable B2B leads database isn’t the case.

This way can help you generate excellent leads faster at a very affordable price. Moreover, a reliable B2B lead database like Limeleads will enable you to target very specific leads down to their locations, job titles, companies’ size, revenue, technology, etc.

You don’t get leads this specific cheaply by using other strategies. When it comes to lead generation, targeting the right people will give you a much better result and by generating leads efficiently, you can save your time for doing other things or enjoying life.

There are quite many lead databases out there on the Internet. However, knowing to choose a reliable one isn’t something that everybody knows. In fact, many businesses waste money, time and effort on bad data providers several times until they know which database is a good one for them.

When picking a lead database to spend your money on, make sure you get enough information to answer the following questions

  1. Does the lead provider offer any free trial at all?
  2. Do they require credit cards for your trials? If yes, you should be very cautious.
  3. Is the customer support responsive to guide you through their platform? (which can be challenging at the beginning)
  4. Does the database have any refund policies to reduce your risk?
  5. Does the data provider offer any discounts for first-time users?

At Limeleads, we make sure to resolve all the above concerns. We also provide you with a $79 detailed Cold Email Course free of charge to help you get the most out of our data when you decide to subscribe to any of our plans.

Simply sign up for an account and get your free trials with us.

If you need anything else, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or our live chat support. We’ll be happy to be your partner to achieve your lead gen goals.


Here are the specific reasons why businesses should buy leads online:

  • Prevent an empty pipeline: An empty pipeline can have severe consequences for sales, so it’s important to keep it filled.
  • Quick progress: If you need to make progress quickly, buying leads can help.
  • Launching a new campaign: If you have a new campaign on the horizon, buying leads can help get it off to a strong start.
  • Reach customers where they are: With more people shopping and researching products online, it’s important for companies to have an online presence.
  • Facilitate communication: Internet marketing allows for two-way communication between companies and customers.

There are pros and cons for each lead gen strategy, however, buying leads online is one of the most effective ways to acquire leads fast at an affordable price.