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Business leads or B2B leads are the people that are interested in your products or services. Business leads usually work in executive positions and have the power to influence or make their businesses’ purchase decisions of your products.

Business leads are often obtained by nurturing prospects. Qualified business leads are what every business is striving for since they are ready to become your clients.

There are several strategies to generate business leads. Some of them may work for your business, the others may not work as well, and there’s only one way to really find out that is to give them a try.

Paid ads

Using ads that are specifically designed for lead generation such as Linkedin Lead Gen Form or Facebook Lead Ads is one of the most popular ways to generate business leads fast

These ads will deliver a form to their users (often through newsfeed) that they think will be most likely to become your leads. The forms make it easy for your leads to fill in their contact information in a few steps to be contacted later.

The leads will be stored in a library where you can easily download them down in CSV for your outreach campaigns.

Paid ads are one of the fastest ways to get leads. However, most businesses find it expensive and can’t stick with it for long. Also, you probably won’t get any more leads when you stop running ads.

Paid ads are usually used to get more sales in which you can easily calculate your ROI, and then make a decision to continue running ads or stop.

Use a reliable B2B lead database

A reputable B2B lead database is an ideal place to get excellent & affordable prospects for your lead generation campaigns.

A good B2B lead provider will provide its users with advanced filters and other features to obtain highly targeted leads. On top of that, the database must ensure excellent data quality so that its users will be able to generate leads as fast as possible with the least effort.

However, it’s not that easy to find such a B2B lead database. Every data provider claims that they have the best data quality, but in reality, it can be disappointing.

The only way to really know if the data provider is a good one or not is to try them out, but with a real strategy. If you found one that offers the following, give it a try.

  • Free trials
  • No credit card is required
  • Excellent support
  • A refund policy
  • Generous discounts for first-time users

At Limeleads, we offer all the above-mentioned and more. We make sure our users will have a risk-free experience by giving them dedicated support, in-depth email marketing guides & courses along with 2 layers of real-time email verification.

Simply sign up for an account and get your free trials with us. If there’s any question, you can just drop us a message at [email protected] or via live chat support, we’ll be happy to help you with anything.

SEO & lead magnets

SEO and lead magnets are probably one of the best ways to generate business leads. However, SEO has been becoming increasingly challenging for business owners to take on.

SEO overview

Depending on the niche you’re in, it can take up to 4 or 5 years of consistent work to gain good traction. Therefore, understanding your niche competition can decide the outcome of your SEO effort.

Some of the niches such as email marketing, lead generation, digital marketing, etc are very competitive and almost saturated with well-known names, if you decide to compete in these areas, you may need to think twice.

Consulting several SEO experts or agencies is recommended before you start. It may sound scary, however, there are still niches where it’s not as hard to build good organic traffic.

When your SEO is already working, it’s the most sustainable channel for your business to generate business leads and sales consistently.

SEO & lead magnets

A lead magnet is a useful thing that your visitors can get for free in exchange for their contact information.

It can be as simple as a useful checklist or an eBook. Lead magnets can work with paid ads as well, however, SEO and lead magnets seem to work the best.

When people search for a term and then visit your sites, they’re already relevant to your business, some of them might even have seen you somewhere before.

Therefore, they are very likely to become your leads, a good lead magnet is designed to help you get the maximum results.

Some websites have a form for their organic visitors to input their contact information and become leads. This is an old fashion way to get leads, the competition has already stepped up their game by utilizing lead magnets to achieve better results, and you should absolutely do the same.

Many businesses have taken a step further to invest a lot of effort in creating several lead magnets dedicated to different visitor segments to get the most out of their SEO traffic. Your business can do the same once your first lead magnet works out for you.



Social media

Social media without ads for business pages work similarly to SEO. It needs consistent work over a long period of time to gain organic traffic and followers.

Some advantages of social media over SEO are that it’s relatively easier to create new content for social media and they allow visitors to easily contact you via their chat features.

A lot of the times, leads that are obtained through the chat feature have the highest probability of becoming your clients. You only need to make sure there’s someone to check the messenger and answer your visitors with personalized messages.

Social media for business lead generation doesn’t just stop there, it can mean using your personal accounts to get more business leads and clients.

Personal social media accounts generate leads by establishing personal relationships. This strategy often works well for businesses that sell high-value items such as jewelry.

It’s as simple as connecting with highly targeted prospects on social media and becoming friends with them. The tip is not to rush into a sales pitch with the prospects, instead, take the time to engage with their content and slowly become their familiar faces.

Lead generation by the use of personal social media accounts takes a long time to see the result but as mentioned before it works well for businesses that need solid relationships to sell their high-value products or services.


Generating business leads is essential to the continuity and growth of a business. There are many channels for you to try and get leads, therefore, when one channel didn’t work out, don’t give up just yet. You never try, you never know!

While you should try all the above-mentioned strategies, we recommend focusing on using a reliable B2B leads database and running cold email campaigns to reach the prospects and turn them into leads.

If you got stuck anywhere in your business lead generation effort, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or via our live chat support, we’re happy to help you out!