B2B email database

B2B Email Database | Cold Emailing Guide For Beginners

What is a B2B email database?

A B2B email database not only can be a simple folder that contains lists of email addresses of specific groups of employed people but also a sophisticated online tool that provides you with advanced tools and technologies so that you can find and download email addresses of certain types of people that your business is targeting.

Nowadays, data brokers are striving to give their clients the ability to access the most targeted prospects quickly so that the users’ email marketing performance will be much better.



Who needs B2B email databases?

Any business may need a reliable B2B email database to find prospects and generate leads.

Lead generation is a crucial part of any company’s growth strategy. Businesses get new customers when leads decided to buy or use their products or services.

Big companies and corporations have their in-house teams to take care of prospect and lead generation. Many small companies can’t afford a team for the task, therefore, they’ll use a B2B email database (a.k.a B2B leads database) to generate prospects quickly at an affordable price.

Getting good prospects will make it easier for businesses to generate leads and ultimately clients. However, there are many email databases on the Internet, so which one should you try?

What are the signs of a bad b2B email database?

A bad B2B email database can have a negative impact on your business by causing you to lose potential clients, revenue, and more. Here are some signs that your B2B email database may be bad:

  • Inaccurate or outdated information: Up to 25% of B2B database contacts contain critical errors, resulting in dirty email lists. If your database contains inaccurate or outdated information, such as incorrect email addresses or outdated company information, your emails may not reach their intended recipients.

  • Low engagement rates: If you notice that your emails have low open and click-through rates, this could be a sign that your database is not up-to-date or that the contacts in your database are not interested in your content.

  • High bounce rates: A high bounce rate indicates that a large number of emails are being returned as undeliverable. This could be due to incorrect email addresses or outdated information in your database.

  • Spam complaints: If you receive a high number of spam complaints, this could be a sign that the contacts in your database are no longer interested in your content.

How to choose a reliable B2B email database to generate prospects?

Every B2B email databases claim they have the best data quality. However, it can easily be the opposite in reality. Maintaining excellent quality for a large database is a challenge for data providers since people’s contact information, especially email addresses change very frequently.

When it comes to buying prospects from a B2B email database, there is a real strategy not to put your business at risk of spending money on bad data. Bad data is a waste of time and you should avoid it for your business at all costs.

  • Pick a B2B email database that offers free trials to find out if their data work for your business.
  • Pick a data provider that has excellent customer support to help you go about the sophisticated system.
  • Ask if they have any refund policies?
  • Ask if they offer discounts for first-time users?

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Outreach guide to turn your prospects into leads effectively.

Now that you have a good list of email addresses. What you’re going to do next is to send emails to them and make them interested in your products or services.

Sending emails to people who have not known about your business is called cold emailing. Cold emailing is the most popular form of outreach nowadays because it’s inexpensive and can reach thousands of prospects fast.

You may ask yourself questions like

  • Is it ok to send emails to people that don’t know you?
  • Will doing that upset them and hurt my business image?

Well, it’s ok to send emails to people that haven’t known about you and it’s not gonna hurt your brand if you do it properly.

Cold emailing isn’t easy, therefore, you will need a proven strategy to follow. Otherwise, there’s a possibility that your business’ domain gets blacklisted.

Cold emailing step-by-step guide

  • Firstly, you should set up DNS records, SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records properly for deliverability. You can learn how to do this on the Internet by yourself or hire an email specialist to do this for you, it shouldn’t cost you much money.
  • Warm up your sending email addresses for deliverability. A newly created email address isn’t good for cold emailing. Use the sending email address to send emails to your friends and colleagues to get a 100% reply rate.
  • Craft a concise and appealing email subject for open rate. Your email subjects should not be more than 60 characters so that they can be fully displayed in the recipient’s inbox.
  • Write a concise & well-organized email for readability. Bullet points are highly recommended. Don’t make your emails lengthy, don’t sound pushy, and don’t just talk about your product’s features. Instead, talk about how your product can help them solve problems.
  • You should send a follow-up email even when you haven’t received any reply from your first one. However, do not send too many emails frequently.
  • You should use email marketing software to automate your cold emailing so that you can spend time doing something else for your business.

Cold emailing vs cold calling

Cold emailing is the most popular outreach strategy right now and it has been becoming increasingly more popular since email marketing software nowadays is introducing many more incredible features for email automation.

Email automation is basically making sending email sequences automatic. Moreover, the performance stats will be viewed and updated as the campaigns go.

Performance stats help you optimize your campaigns to make them more effective.

Cold calling, on the other hand, is becoming less popular despite being one of the oldest forms of outreach.

Cold emailing’s pros

  • Can reach thousands of prospects quickly
  • Operation cost is affordable
  • Email automation is very useful
  • Much less annoying compared to cold calling
  • Conversion rate is generally good.

Cold emailing’s cons

  • Can be complicated and require technical digital marketing knowledge.
  • Challenges with deliverability when sending a lot of emails.

Cold calling’s pros

  • Depending on the goals and products/services that your business is promoting, it can yield the highest conversion rate.
  • Relatively easy to start
  • It sends personalized messages.

Cold calling’s cons

  • Annoying, it can frustrate prospects easily.
  • Operation cost is high due to the number of employed telesales representatives.
  • Can not be automated
  • Getting prospects’ personal phone numbers is a real challenge.


When it comes to prospect and lead generation, a reliable B2B email database should be the first thing you need to try.

Prospect generation is all about data quality to ensure your emails arrive in people’s inboxes. Lead generation helps turn prospects into leads and paying clients.

Lead generation can be difficult to optimize for the best results. Businesses can hire email marketing specialists, however, business owners should understand how it works to make sure their employees are doing a good job.

Cold calling is an outreach strategy worth trying. Even though it has become less popular, many businesses are still relying on it for lead & sales generation.

If you got stuck at any stages of your lead generation effort, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or via our live chat support. Have a great day!