B2B Data Vendors In USA Complete Guide

Many businesses are experiencing ineffective marketing campaigns and significant financial losses due to poor B2B data quality.

High-quality B2B data is important in every business. But generating and managing B2B data, in-house, is tough. Most businesses are investing in data providers for this reason.

These third-party party organizations maintain a large pool of data and provide on-demand data solutions. It saves time and cost so that you can focus on the core activities.

How B2B data vendors can help you achieve your marketing targets and what are the top B2B data vendors in the USA? Read further below!

What is a B2B data vendor?

A B2B data vendor is a business that gathers and sells valid information about other businesses. A reliable B2B data vendor provides tools that allow its users to easily search and download B2B data quickly.

A reliable B2B data vendor keeps its database in excellent condition and regularly enriches it to keep up with the demand. There are many different data points a B2B data vendor can offer such as name, contact information, company website, size and revenue, etc.

A reliable B2B data vendor can help businesses fill their lead and sales funnels quickly at an affordable price, thus improving their marketing performance.

How a B2B data vendor can help?

Accurate B2B data can help with the following marketing efforts:

  • Cold emailing
  • Cold calling
  • Targeting ads
  • Sales pitching

A B2B data vendor can help with providing accurate B2B data at a reasonable price so that businesses can acquire B2B business lists and other data fast for their marketing.

That being said, not all B2B data vendors are trustworthy. You will need a strategy to look for the right data provider, otherwise, you will only waste your time and money.

Signs that you’re using a bad B2B data vendor

As said above, bad B2B data vendors are a complete waste of time and investment, you must avoid them at all costs. It might be a little tricky to avoid them when you have just begun.

However, there are some signs that indicate you’re paying for a bad data provider. You should consider stopping using the service if you experience some of the following:

  • You received a lot of system emails that say something like “your recipient’s email address is not found or doesn’t exist”. This happens because your B2B data is invalid or outdated.
  • Your data list only has a few data points, it doesn’t have much firmographic data.
  • Your customer support is slow in responding
  • The app doesn’t function well
  • No refund policies
  • No flexible payment plans


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Top B2B data vendors in the USA

Here is a list of the best B2B data vendors in the USA for your consideration.

1. Limeleads

Limeleads is a leading B2B contact database that offers some of the best data quality and price. Limleads is committed to offering its users an unmatched service which includes:

  • Top-notch data quality verified and kept fresh using real-time validation technology.
  • Excellent customer support by experts is available any day of the week, even on holidays.
  • Free trials, no credit card is required
  • Refund policies
  • Unbeatable pricing
  • Many useful B2B data points such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, company revenues, size, websites, etc.

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2. Adapt

Adapt is one of the data vendors in the USA that you may want to consider. They provide accurate B2B data across various sectors for accelerating the sales funnel.

They cover millions of contact details from software, finance, storage, telecommunications, etc. They update their database regularly. These are CRM-compatible. Segregation of data based on the departments, sectors, locations, turnover, and employee strength is also possible. 

3. Clearbit

Clearbit helps businesses engage with the right contacts at the right time. They provide reliable data including locations, titles, contact information, etc. The company offers pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. The packages vary with ad spend, web traffic in a month, and database size. They offer integration of data for a smooth and seamless operation.

4. Datanyze

Datanyze is also one of the best data vendors in the USA. It provides accurate, innovative, and affordable data. They offer two pricing plans: Nyze Pro1 at $29 per month and Nyze Pro2 at $55 per moths. The company also offers a free trial under its Nyze Lite plan.

5. Lead411

Lead411 provides 96% accurate contact information. Their chrome extension integrates seamlessly. Their pricing plan includes a basic plan at $900 per year, per user. It suits individuals. They also have a negotiable popular enterprise plan for teams. A free trial for 7 days is also available.

6. LeadIQ

LeadIQ’s features include identifying prospect data, tracking sales triggers, and composing personal messages. Their pricing plan includes a free plan. They also have starter plans for $75 a month, per user and pro plans for $130 a month per user. They further offer a negotiable enterprise plan. Their database is also compatible with LinkedIn sales navigator.

7. Owler

Owler database includes 15 million company profiles, over 45 million competitive relationships, and 500K monthly contributors. Their pro plan is available for $35 per month, billed annually. It’s one of the best choices for professionals. Their max plan costs $50 per month which is billed annually. It is ideal for sales teams to grow their pipelines.

8. SalesIntel

SalesIntel also happens to be one of the top B2B data vendors in the USA. The vendor provides 95% accurate verified data covering 22 million accounts, 225 million data points across 18K technologies, and 12,000 intent topics that are updated weekly.  They offer pricing plans with an upfront annual fee. Quarterly payment options attract small fee uplift.

9. UpLead

UpLead is also one of the best B2B data vendors in the USA. They guarantee 95% accurate data with CRM integration. Businesses can find the right contacts using their 50-plus search filters. The vendor offers three pricing plans besides free trials. Their essential plan costs $74 a month, plus plans $149 a month, and professional plans $299 a month. 

10. Zoominfo

Zoominfo provides high-quality B2B data for the business to grow. This multiplatform vendor helps businesses access a large contact database with various intelligence and prospecting tools. Businesses can improve conversation through their website chat option and engage more contacts with email automation. The vendor offers flexible pricing based on solutions and applications.


Click here to preview verified B2B contacts and data based on several requirements