Automotive leads

Automotive Leads | Lead Gen & Outreach Guide

What are automotive leads?

Automotive leads are the people who are working for companies in the automotive industry.

Automotive leads are usually companies’ executives who are eligible to decide the outcome of their purchasing process, whether or not it’s decided by themselves or after a series of meetings or discussions.

The purchasing process in bigger companies usually takes a longer time to be finalized compared to that of smaller ones.

If you’re selling to small companies, finding the right leads will save you a lot of time and effort to close sales. These decision-makers are usually higher ranked people such as CEO, Founder, CTO, CFO or managers.

Who needs automotive leads?

Any companies that are looking to sell to automotive companies need excellent automotive leads.

These could be companies that sell raw materials to manufacturers to produce automotive parts or equipment. Automotive manufacturers may need auto repair store leads to sell their products to. In this case, auto repair store leads are also automotive leads.

Companies that provide services to automotive companies may also need excellent automotive leads because every company needs financial, HR or legal services. Travel agencies may also want to have access to a list of good automotive leads as well.

How to have access to excellent automotive leads?

There are several ways to generate excellent leads, from simpler methods to more technical ones.

Technical lead generation techniques are complicated, they are difficult for beginners to perform. Technical lead gen techniques include:

  • Use software to scrape data from the Internet
  • Build a scraper to crawl web pages to pick the contacts that fit your requirements
  • Use paid ads to generate leads.

The complicated lead gen techniques above eventually need to be followed with a proper lead cleaning process to exclude the ones that are unfit for your outreach campaigns. This step helps maximize the performance of your outreach effort and thus enables your company to convert leads into paying clients faster.

If technical lead generation is a challenge for you, we highly recommend you generate leads via lead databases.

Good lead databases allow you to generate high-quality leads in a much shorter time. In many cases, these platforms can save you money significantly.

The most important thing is to find a good lead provider. If a lead provider offers you the following points, you should consider giving it a try.

  • No credit/debit card is required when signing up for a free account
  • Free trial
  • Excellent customer support
  • Coupons for first-time users
  • Refund policy

LimeLeads offers all the above-mentioned to make sure you’ll have a risk-free experience. Our platform is equipped with advanced filters that help you find very specific leads for your outreach campaigns.

We also offer an in-depth cold email marketing course for free to help you make the most of your leads.

Just sign up for a free account and trial, our customer support will help you to go about our platform quickly.

Which is the best strategy for outreach?

Now that you have a list of excellent leads, the next questions you may be asking yourself could be “what’s next?” or “how can I reach out to them to generate sales?”

No worries, we’ve got you covered. This the section below, we’ll analyze some of the most popular and effective outreach strategies for you. Then, you may want to pick one to try or implement a combination of them to maximize your sales generation effort.

1. Cold Email

Cold email is the current most used outreach strategy. A lot of businesses rely on them to generate income. However, they might not be for all business models. We’ve seen businesses who reported that cold email doesn’t bring any more sales to them.

There’s no such perfect thing in the whole world, therefore, in order to understand whether or not Cold Email is for you, you’ll need to put them to the test. Here are the pros and cons of Cold Email.

Pros of Cold Email

  • It doesn’t cost you as much time and money as the other outreach techniques do.
  • Relatively easy to optimize your campaigns based on real results.
  • Because you can use it to send to thousands of recipients and it’s cheap, it’s great for building brand awareness.
  • You can automate your cold email campaigns to save a lot of time (by using email marketing software).
  • It allows you to reach out to anybody even when the person is the US president as long, as you have his valid email address.

Cons of Cold Email

  • It won’t generate your ultimate goal (sales) immediately. Cold Email helps you generate leads from contacts and from leads, you will need to implement different campaigns or techniques to convert them into clients.
  • Huge competition. Since it’s the most popular outreach method, you will need to compete with others to get your emails opened or replied by the recipients.
  • Issues with deliverability. A lot of beginners will struggle with cold email deliverability. That means after a short time, their emails won’t be able to reach many prospects anymore. You will need to work on your deliverability to improve your campaigns’ performance. We recommend reading this article 13 Steps To Cold Email Deliverability

2. Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the most effective outreach techniques that you should try.

Pros of Cold Calling

  • You can secure new clients very quickly if you have excellent persuasion skills
  • It can be done from anywhere and by anybody as long as they have the language and persuasion skills
  • The cost can be cheap if your conversion rate is high

The oldest form of outreach for sales

Cons of Cold Calling

  • You’re highly likely going to annoy many people
  • Easily get disheartened, especially on bad days when nobody picks up your call or you encounter angry call receivers.
  • It can be very expensive if you have a low conversion rate.
  • Today, it’s not easy to obtain personal phone numbers.

3. Social Media Outreach

Social media outreach is an emerging outreach method that has been increasingly accepted by marketers and salespersons. It has proven effective in many cases.

Social media outreach means that you will connect with your prospects on social media. Then, you will need to build a good relationship with them so that they will eventually become your clients.

Pros of Social Media Outreach

  • Build relationships effectively. Having good relationships doesn’t mean the leads will become your clients, however, they can become your returning visitors who can bring different benefits.
  • The conversion rate is high
  • Affordable
  • This strategy is suitable for selling highly valuable products.

Cons of Social Media Outreach

  • It usually takes a longer time to convert a lead
  • Challenges with finding the right prospects at the very beginning

It’s almost impossible to know which outreach strategy is most effective for your business until you try them out.

Don’t assume you know the results. A lot of the time, the result will surprise you.