Peter O’Donoghue


“I research hundreds of lead and data sources for my clients and my outbound prospecting training program. Limeleads is definitely one of the best for quick, easy access to high quality data. Don’t sit on the fence, jump in before your competition does!”

Bryan Sirak

Head of Sales & Marketing

“I have been using LimeLeads for a few months now and they truly do provide a very good product. I don’t have to buy 60,000 leads at one time to get a fair rate, and anyone doing an email marketing campaign knows that getting good email addresses at a reasonable rate is the toughest part.
The service has been well worth the cost per lead…and it is followed up with great customer service as well.”

Marko Manojlovic

Founder & CEO

“I wish we started using LimeLeads from day one. Since we have, our outbound sales are through the roof! We absolutely love LimeLeads and would recommend it to businesses of all sizes!”

Marc Wayshak

Sales Coach & Founder of PipeRev

“I cannot tell you how much I love this service. This pretty inexpensive service can get you the absolute highest quality leads in any industry.”


Ritu Pant

VP of Marketing

“I’ve been deeply entrenched in the marketing industry since 2007 and have intimate knowledge of numerous solutions for customer acquisition. LimeLeads stands out as a next generation platform for cost effective lead generation. We’ve been a customer since they first launched and have since grown our usage to over 10,000 leads per month. Their data is consistently high quality, and their pricing is simply unbeatable.”

Marcus Molin

Marketing Manager

“It doesn’t get easier than this! LimeLeads helped grow our client email database by 30%, allowing us to sell more market research and consulting services to HR and Marketing Directors.
LimeLeads has also helped me expand Bluehands – my own agency – to 100+ startups looking to expand their social media marketing. LimeLeads has gone from unknown startup to an integral part of our workflow in a matter of a couple months.”

Jessica Collier

Client Advocate

“Searching for leads has been a time consuming issue until we found LimeLeads. Highly recommended as a tool for agencies like ours!”

David Henney


“The best thing about LimeLeads is that you’ll only ever profit from using it. It’s dead simple to get started – determine whether or not you’re seeing a positive ROI on their data, and purchase more when you need to. I recommend it to everyone except my competition.”

Jon Wellman

Director & CEO

“I must say LimeLeads is an amazing service! Just wanted to let you know that you have customer number #1.”

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