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Targeted Leads Generation Guide | Why Is It So Important?

Understanding leads

Leads are the people that showed some interest in buying or using your products or services.

Leads can come from different channels such as search engines, social media, ads, emails and referrals.

Leads are your potential clients. The more leads a business has, the better the business generates sales and grows.

Leads are what every business is fighting for. To generate leads, businesses will need to use many different digital marketing strategies together to turn visitors into leads.

Understanding targeted leads

Not all the leads will become your clients. Businesses usually need to have a complex strategy to nurture the leads so that they can turn into paying clients.

However, not all businesses have the resources to nurture all types of leads the same way. Small to medium-sized businesses will need to segment their lead database into groups and focus on the ones that present the highest chance of becoming their clients.

Targeted leads are the people in the top prioritized groups. Different lead nurturing strategies may only be best for certain segments of leads, therefore, grouping the most important and relevant leads together for the right nurturing strategy is considered one of the more important tasks for the marketing and sales teams.

Understanding different lead generation channels

Leads can be generated in several ways through different channels such as paid ads, SEO and lead magnets, or emails.

  • Paid ads are probably the fastest way to generate leads however it’s usually expensive.
  • SEO and lead magnets are a great way to generate leads as well, however, to make SEO works for your site first nowadays is a real challenge since every niche seems to already be saturated.
  • Using cold emailing and a reliable lead database is the best way to generate targeted leads because it’s affordable and helps generate leads fast.

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Each lead-gen channel has its own pros and cons. But no matter how big the lead gen challenge is, running a business is already the biggest challenge. Therefore, you will need to give all the lead gen strategies a try to see which one works for your business.

Lead generation strategies can go hand in hand with segmentation strategies to generate targeted leads that can increase your sales significantly.


targeted leads generation


How to segment a lead database properly?

The way that businesses segment their lead database varies depending on the data points of the leads, the products and services the businesses are providing, and their audiences.

It’s safe to say that segmenting leads is different from business to business. However, there are some cases of lead segmenting that your sales and marketing teams can learn from.

For example, if your company is selling PCs, depending on what data points you have about the leads, you can group your leads within the same range of age, gender, industry, interest, location or even income together.

This segmentation can help plan your budget and pick the right channel to target different groups of leads. For the example with case of selling PCs, you can plan your ads budget up to $1000 per week to advertise your products and services on Reddit to generate leads and sales more effectively.

Segmentation guide for leads generated by ads

There are two popular types of ads that are Linkedin Lead Gen Form and Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

These ads are designed for advertisers to generate leads more easily by sending a form to your prospects to collect their contact information while they’re online.

Advertisers should not just run a version of these ads, instead, create different versions with different elements and targeting options to collect different groups of leads.

For example, if you’re running FB ads to sell smartphones, do not just create one version of ads to collect leads that are people from 18 to 30 years old.

You should try a few more versions of the ads to target different demographics. Different groups of leads obtained by this method will be nurtured with different content and messages that resonate with them the most.

Success with generating targeted leads will boost your chance of converting them into paying clients significantly.

Segmentation guide for leads generated by SEO and lead magnets

Lead magnets are something that you offer to your visitors for free in exchange for their contact information. Lead magnets can be anything from a simple and useful checklist or an eBook.

Visitors that visit your websites from search engine result pages will turn into leads when they complete downloading the lead magnets.

Most businesses only make one lead magnet and display it on every page of their website to get leads.

This isn’t the best practice yet. Instead, businesses should step up their game by creating several more lead magnets and displaying them on pages that are relevant to them the most.

Different leads obtained by using different lead magnets are collected into groups of leads. Thanks to this segmentation strategy, businesses will be able to send different groups of leads content that they’re interested in the most.

This is also great for cold emailing (sending emails) as different sequences of messages will be designed to fit different groups of people to maximize conversions.


If you want to step up your sales generation strategy (I know you do because who wouldn’t want to sell more product?), aim for targeted leads.

It will take some time for your team to create different versions of ads and good lead magnets to segment your leads effectively, however, you will see that it will be all worth it when your business starts becoming more profitable by making more sales.

If you don’t have a budget for ads and are not into doing SEO. Using a great lead database and cold emailing is your safest bet to generate targeted leads.