outbound prospecting

B2B Leads Database Explained | 5 Best Leads Providers

Are you wasting your time googling and searching through directories to find the right contacts for your business? Using leads from a good B2B leads database is one of the most effective ways to save time and improve your business’s growth. You will get all the information at your fingertips if you have got a […]

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7 Steps to List-Building for Cold Email

Strategy, messaging, and infrastructure for cold email can be reused. However, it doesn’t make sense to reuse the same lead list. Once you’ve reached out to an outbound lead, they should already be in your campaign and aware of your brand. For outbound email to succeed, you need to consistently add new leads. List-building is […]

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What to Expect with Outbound Sales

An outbound sales program opens the door for companies to find the right buyers and influence buying decisions before their competition. Outbound lead generation has grown massively in the B2B sales space, ranging from cold emails and cold calls to social selling and direct mail. Despite its popularity, outbound sales is often misunderstood. Many sellers […]

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