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Organic Lead Generation | Things You Need To Know

Lead generation is the process of finding qualified prospects and turning them into interested buyers (leads) and buying clients.

There are a few effective strategies for lead generation, you can either use paid ads, a reliable B2B lead database or proactive outreach for lead gen.

Organic lead generation is a part of the lead gen effort. Organic lead generation is understood as generating leads based on organic traffic sources such as SEO or social media.

Organic lead generation overview

Organic traffic is sustainable and low-cost for lead generation. if you’re running a blog, your primary aim is to grow your organic traffic by publishing a lot of SEO-optimized blog posts.

Organic traffic of a social media page is similar to that of a website. Many businesses with social media pages gain more traffic, followers and sales via organic traffic on social media. People find your social media pages through their searches on social media and their news feeds.

If you have experience with SEO, you know that SEO is no easy task, in fact, it’s becoming more challenging day after day to gain good organic traffic. In order to be successful at SEO, it requires years of hard work and tons of high-quality articles.

The same thing applies to social media organic traffic, you will need to consistently publish new and very good posts to gain traction.

But once you achieve good organic traffic for your site, there are many opportunities to generate leads and sales.

Organic lead generation for websites

When your website has good organic traffic, one of those things you want to do is generating high-quality leads.

The most common way of doing it is having a form across all pages so that people can complete it and become your leads.

However, having such a form isn’t the most effective method to generate high-quality leads because it usually doesn’t have a good conversion rate.

Also, sometimes it’s not beneficial for your site to place a form on pages like that since it takes away space for your ads placements that generate income.

More and more marketers nowadays are adopting another way to generate leads much more effectively.

Lead magnets for lead generation

Lead magnets perform much better for lead generation.

A lead magnet can be as simple as a useful checklist or as complicated as an eBook. Lead magnets are downloaded by your visitors in exchange for their contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers.

We’ve found that it usually has a much better conversion rate than having a form across all your pages since everybody wants free and useful stuff.

Because it’s much more effective than the form, you don’t have to put the lead magnet on all your pages where ads or other stuff are being displayed.

Also, a good lead magnet can help your business build a good reputation more effectively because when your visitors find it useful, they will share it with their friends, and nothing is more powerful than a friend’s referral.

The tip for creating a lead magnet is to invest the time and effort to create a good lead magnet and a few more. People love getting many useful stuff for free.

Organic lead generation for social media pages

When your page already has good organic traffic. There are several ways to generate leads effectively.



1. Engage with the visitors

Those that commented on your posts deserve your special attention. Simply reply to their comments and ask if they are interested in getting something for free (such as a coupon) in exchange for their contact information. Or you can attach with your replies a link to a landing page where they will convert into leads.

This method isn’t popular but if you want to get the most out of social media, you should consider this.

2. Check and reply to all messages

If you’ve done a lot of lead generation, you would probably realize how hard it is to get high-quality leads.

Those who already sent you a message highly likely saw your business several times somewhere, they are much more likely to turn into your leads or even clients with little effort.

Therefore, never leave them hanging or waiting for too long, reply to their messages as soon as you can. Also, do not sound pushy or like a robot since we all want human support.

3. Pinned posts

Most businesses forgot about pinned posts. Pinned posts are posts that stay at the top of your page and will get seen first by your visitors.

The most common way is to have the landing page link in your pinned posts so that people can visit the page and complete a form or download your lead magnets to become your leads.

If you don’t have a website, a link to your Google form to collect their contact information is recommended. Or at least, you can ask them to give you a message and have your customer support greet and turn them into leads.

The tip is to create a good lead magnet for social media organic traffic as well so that your lead gen will be much more effective.

Alternative to organic lead generation

If you’re not willing to invest years of hard work into growing organic traffic, it might just be the time to consider buying leads from a reliable B2B leads database.

You can use paid ads to generate leads but most small to medium-sized businesses find them expensive and can’t stick to them for long.

A reliable B2B lead provider is ideal for fast and affordable lead generation because you only have to pay a fraction of the advertising cost to get high-quality leads. It’s also much less time-consuming compared to trying to grow organic traffic.

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