Digital lead generation

Local Lead Generation Best Strategies Reviewed

Lead generation overview

Lead generation is the process of targeting a group of people and making them interested in buying your products or services.

The targeted people are usually called prospects, while the people who are interested in what you have to offer are called leads.

Lead generation is essential for any business, businesses need to constantly generate leads to feed their sales pipeline. The success of lead generation most of the time means the success of a business.

Lead generation is a complicated process that usually comprises several different marketing strategies such as prospect generation, cold emailing, cold calling, etc.

Local lead generation overview

Lead generation success relies heavily on how well you target your prospects, it’s very true for local lead generation. For example, if you’re providing cleaning services to households in your town or city, you must target the people in your area and not anywhere else so that you will get the best return on investment.

Local lead generation needs strict targeting and this can be challenging for your prospect generation task. Luckily, if you’re using a reliable B2B lead database like Limeleads, you’ll be able to generate very specific prospects down to where they live, their company, social media profiles, etc.

Local lead generation strategies reviews

Local lead generation isn’t very different from lead generation in general. Some general lead gen strategies can still be effective for local lead generation when adjusted.

1. Paid ads

Ads are one of the fastest ways to generate leads, however, they tend to be expensive.

There are several types of ads that are specifically designed for lead generation such as Linkedin lead gen forms or Facebook lead generation ads.

These ads will deliver a form to your targeted audience to entice them to sign up for your offer. When they completed the form, they will become leads and the leads’ contact information is stored in a secure and easily accessible place for advertisers’ follow-up strategies.

Ads for local lead generation need to be set up properly so that they target the right people who live in a specific place or area.

Ad platforms are getting better at simplifying the setup and optimization process for advertisers thanks to AI and machine learning.

However, advertisers will still need to know them really well in order to adjust their campaigns properly so that they will get a maximum return on investment. The better return on investment, the cheaper ads are going to cost you.

  • Generate leads fast and effectively.
  • Getting easier to set up and optimize
  • Usually expensive for small to medium-sized businesses to stick to for the long term.

2. Cold Emailing

Cold emailing is the process of sending emails to prospects (people who present the highest chance of becoming your clients) and try to make them interested in buying your products or service.

Cold emailing is one of the most popular lead generation strategies nowadays. It has many advantages compared to other methods such as cold calling or paid ads.

Cold emailing for local lead gen requires strict targeting in order to be effective. For example, if you’re selling home repair services in your town, you must target the people in your town only, otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time and effort.

Cold emailing nowadays is becoming more powerful and effective thanks to the development of technology and email marketing software.

Most marketing tools like Mailshake and Mailchimp provide tools for email automation and detailed reports for campaign optimization.

To run cold emailing for local lead generation, you first must generate excellent local prospects.

Generate excellent local prospects

If you’re generating prospects that are not specific, a data scraper or several digital marketing tools can help you well.

However, when you’re targeting a very specific group of people, you only have a few choices. The first one that comes to mind should be using a data provider.

A reliable B2B leads database like Limeleads provides users with tools and features that allow them to download contact information and data of very specific prospects.

Limeleads also ensures top-notch data quality thanks to its two layers of real-time email verification.

Moreover, we provide excellent support and refund policies to help users get the most out of their investments.

If you have any questions or need advice for your lead generation campaigns, feel free to contact our support.

Limeleads offer several more benefits, make sure you check out our pricing page.

You can also sign up for an account and get your free trials with us, no credit card is required.

Cold emailing pros

  • Affordable
  • High conversion rate
  • Can reach hundreds of prospects quickly
  • Email automation is very helpful.

Cold emailing cons

  • Can be a challenge for beginners and those who are not into tech.
  • If you do it wrong, it may hurt your business.


lead enrichment


3. Local SEO for local lead generation

SEO is a task that helps drive visitors from search engines such as Google and Bing to your website or app.

Local SEO done right helps prospects find you more easily when they’re on the search engines.

For example, if you’re selling something to people in your town, there’s a need to make your business as visible as possible on Google Maps.

Local SEO also helps your prospects find you more easily when they are on search engine result pages.

Also, it’s crucial to optimize your website or app for conversion because you don’t want your visitors to exit quickly when they see your poorly designed site or when they can’t easily find a way to become your leads or clients.

Local SEO pros

  • When working, it’s one of the few most reliable ways to help you generate leads and sales consistently
  • When working, It tends to cost less to maintain, manage and grow stronger.

Local SEO cons

  • SEO is a fierce battle among competitors.
  • It’s a challenge for beginners

4. Social media for local lead gen

When it comes to local lead gen, social media can be very helpful.

If you don’t have a lot of competitors in your area, you should consider running a social media group to cater to your town.

Growing a successful social media group requires patience and hard work. You may need to run ads for your group at the beginning to help it grow faster.

Also, for a social media group to work, you will need to keep posting great content for your followers consistently and avoid getting suspended or removed by social media platforms for allowing illegal content.

When you’ve got a good number of followers, it’s time to reap the reward. You can easily generate leads or sales by publishing several good posts.

Also, you can customize your social media group to direct its traffic to your website or app that is optimized for conversion.

Social media groups like Facebook group allow their owners and admins to contact their followers by messaging, it can be a great way to get more leads and sales for your business.

Social media pros

  • Relatively easier to manage and grow
  • Low cost
  • Can be very effective at generating local leads and sales.

Social media cons

  • Requires patience and hard work
  • It can be very difficult for you to succeed if your niche has too many big competitors.