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Top 10 Tips To Generate Information Technology Leads Effectively

The Information Technology sector is growing fast. It is also crowded with competition. Businesses can only flourish by generating excellent information technology leads fast and effectively.

The information technology sector is highly competitive. Competition in this sector has experienced a huge increase in the past few decades. It calls for a consistent project inflow for surviving the competition which is only possible through leads.

But how to generate information technology leads effectively? Here are our best 10 tips to follow:

Set objectives

Setting clear objectives is the first and foremost need for generating information technology leads effectively. You should frame it based on your business goals and the results you desire to achieve. 

Always frame a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Tine-bound) goal. They will help track the progress and make necessary alignments. Businesses also need to adjust their sales and marketing drives for deriving the best outcome.

Adapt to the target audience

No single lead-generation strategy works for all audiences. If you happen to be a B2B SaaS business, your approach will differ from that of a B2C business.

Define targeted customers, their pain points, and what they need. For this, you need to create ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). It will give more insights into their challenges, interests, and buying habits. Businesses with multiple products must create multiple ICPs for different products. As the IT sector is constantly changing, businesses need to capture the current voice of customers.

Leverage intent data

Intent data indicates if the user is ready to invest money in buying information technology services. For example, if someone searches for software or a service, they are likely to buy the same.

Businesses can generate better information technology leads by using such intent data. Leveraging intent data also helps businesses create opportunities for pitching the service to the right contact at the right hour.

Explain with videos

Whether a business sells software or something else, there is always a possibility that the audience fails to understand how it could be useful.

Explaining the technology with the help of a short video is a great way to convince the targeted audience. Audio-visual presentations are a better way to explain complex technologies. Most people are likely to download an app or software after they watch a video on that.

Balance gated and ungated contents

Content generation is a common strategy for generating information technology leads. Businesses use both gated and ungated content for this. Gated content includes articles, ebooks, white papers, etc. against contact information.

And ungated content includes blog posts, infographics, or YouTube videos. They help with SEO optimization. Balancing gated content with ungated content improves revenue generation.


Information technology leads


Customer reviews

Asking current customers to review is also a great lead-generation technique.  They build trust and help more inbound traffic. While Businesses can have some reviews organically, they should create automated campaigns to ask for reviews from current customers.

Nudging them with some offers yields better results. Businesses should also be present on the review sites where the competitors are present.

Free trials

Offering free trials is also a great strategy for generating information technology leads. It helps businesses reach more potential contacts with free sign-ups.

It is perfect for startups that are looking to sell apps, analytics, software, etc. Prospects can test the product or services through such trials and make informed decisions.  As prospects get valuable experience, they do not mind sharing their contact details.

Webinars and virtual demos

This is an ideal strategy for information technology companies that cannot offer free trials. Prospects can get valuable insights into the details of the products or services and that helps to secure new leads easily.

Businesses can add more fields that help to get high-quality leads to fuel their sales pipeline. Arranging them is also easy. Businesses need a camera, microphone, and a team besides a landing page for this.

Landing pages

Building landing pages is also a great way to generate information technology leads. It can include videos, charts, infographics, graphs, and even details to set appointments. Such interactive landing pages entail a focused experience. They also bring businesses and prospects closer to generating leads.

A good landing page is also extremely important when you’re generating leads by using ads. Ads are expensive, every click will cost you cash. Businesses need to work hard on crafting the best landing pages to convert visitors into leads and clients.

Use chatbots

Using chatbots is also an ideal lead generation strategy due to its automation features. Prospects can get immediate answers to their queries, while businesses can still keep visitors engaged.

Setting up chatbots isn’t difficult, there are many apps nowadays that allow users to create automated messages or answers based on visitors’ activities and interactions with your app.

Much like any other lead generation tactic, chatbots need to be optimized over the time to achieve optimal performance. Chatbot apps nowadays provide insights and performance metrics in an intuitive way so that businesses can improve more easily.