Health service leads

Health Service Leads | Lead Generation & Sale Closing Guide

What are health service leads?

Heath service leads are defined as those who work for health service organizations and are eligible to make purchase decisions.

These people usually hold higher-ranking positions such as purchasing, sourcing or production managers. Top-ranked positions such as CEO, CFO, CTO or Founder can also be considered leads if they’re interested in what your business is offering.

Why do you need health service leads?

Good health service leads are your potential clients. These people already showed some interest in the service or product that your business is providing, and going down your sale funnel to convert into paying clients.

A business must constantly enrich its lead list for growth. Generating leads is a crucial step for any business to stay or become profitable.

Who needs health service leads?

Any business that is looking to sell its service or product to health service organizations will need health service leads.

These can be medical equipment, healthcare product manufacturers, or even financial services that are looking to sell their services to health service organizations.

Companies or individuals that are looking for health services may also want to have access to a list of good health service leads to find the best deal for them.

How to generate excellent health service leads for your business?

If you’re seeking to sell to health service organizations, you got to generate excellent health service leads!

This can be very challenging for beginners. A lot of small business owners don’t really know how to start generating health service leads for their business.

If you’re one of those, try the following Lead Gen strategies:

  • Try buying health service leads from a reliable lead provider
  • Try paid ads such as Google or/and Facebook Ads to generate leads
  • Try a combination of marketing software (paid software) to generate leads
  • Build a scraper to collect contact information from the Internet
  • Build a great lead magnet to capture leads (if you’re already doing good SEO)

Most of these strategies are high-level and will require a good amount of time and effort for beginners to learn how to implement them properly.

However, the first strategy is for everybody. This is the easiest, most effective and affordable way to generate excellent leads for small businesses (if you can find a great lead provider).

Good B2B leads databases like LimeLeads will make it easy for you to generate excellent health service leads that are ready to convert into paying clients.

Limeleads has a powerful set of filters that allow you to search for very specific leads such as those who have the following information:

  • Company’s location
  • Job title
  • Company Phone Number
  • Company’s Employee Size & Annual Revenue
  • Website Technology Stack such as Woocomcer, Shopify, Stripe, Paypal, etc.
  • Industry & SIC Codes
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Full name and email address
  • And more!

Moreover, Limeleads provides excellent support, very affordable pricing, credit refund and free trial after a few-click signup process.

How to know if you’re having a bad lead list?

Bad leads are straight-up a waste of investment because they’re irrelevant or/and unreachable.

Imagine you spent a lot of time and effort running marketing campaigns to target the leads to only find out they are working in industries other than health services.

Or even worse, you will receive a lot of messages from the system such as “your messages couldn’t be delivered” or “the email address wasn’t found”. This is not only wasting your time but also hurting your deliverability.

So, what are the signs of bad leads?

  • leads that have invalid email addresses (a good leads database should give you an indication of whether the email addresses are valid or not)
  • leads that don’t have company names, locations, or full name
  • leads that don’t have company websites

How to convert the leads into paying clients?

We all want the leads to convert, that’s the ultimate goal for any business.

But how? Most small businesses are struggling to answer this question. While there’s no guide that fits all types of businesses, we can give you a framework to follow

1. Reach out to the leads properly

These are currently the most effective ways to reach out to leads:

Sending cold emails is currently the most popular method for outreach because it’s generally less complicated and annoying compared to cold calling. However, to make the most out of your cold email effort, there’re certain steps to follow – read this guide on cold email now

Cold calling is annoying but it’s an effective way to reach out to leads if done right – this is the guide for proper cold calling that you should read

Connecting to leads on social media is an emerging strategy that has been proven effective. Simply connecting with the leads on Linkedin.

When you got accepted, don’t message them immediately. Instead, you should take the time to like or engage with their posts or activities. Then, you can message them.

The tip is not to jump straight to the selling conversation. You should just casually talk to them about what they are doing, and the challenges they are facing with their businesses.

Once you know about the challenges, you can now talk about how your business can help them.

2. Be helpful, consistent and patient when building relationships with your leads

Good things take time!

Don’t bombard your leads with a lot of emails or calls. Instead, you should only send them 1 or 2 messages and follow up if they reply. Remember to be helpful, don’t be pushy.

There are certain types of services or products that take longer time than others to close a sale. If the leads haven’t converted after your sale pitch, don’t give up just yet. You should just be patient and be a helpful friend to them.

It’s much easier for people close to you to become your paying clients than strangers, right?

3. Improve your persuasion skill to close deals

Your persuasion skill is one of the most crucial factors to convert your leads into paying clients. You should work on the following aspects:

  • Communication – speak clearly, and use nonverbal gestures & vocabularies that the other person understands.
  • Emotional intelligence – pay attention and interpret your listener’s emotions. Put yourself in others’ shoes to understand them better
  • Active listening – be attentive and respectful in your conversation with others
  • Logic and reasoning – use facts to support your view
  • Interpersonal skills – be genuine and natural
  • Negotiation – carefully research your leads to understand their needs, give them solutions and negotiate to satisfy both parties.