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Buy Email Leads with Credit Card – Things You Need To Know

Business owners always look for ways to grow their businesses. But it’s very challenging to find leads or clients, especially when you’re running a small company and don’t have a huge marketing budget.

One way to generate leads and clients is to buy email leads from a reliable B2B leads database with credit cards.

What are email leads?

Email leads are email addresses of people that are interested in buying or using your products or services.

Email lead lists often contain other information such as company names, phone numbers, locations, websites, and job titles. They’re often referred to as “business contacts” or “targeted contact lists” and can be found in many different places:

Companies use this information to reach out to potential customers in an attempt to convert them into paying customers.

There are many ways that one can obtain email leads. Businesses can either buy email leads from a reliable lead database with credit cards or collect them manually or by using a few other lead gen strategies.

When should you consider buying email leads?

When looking to increase your sales faster, it’s ideal to buy email leads with a credit card or Paypal. Here are some reasons why:

  1. The first and foremost reason is that you want to feed your sales funnel with as many leads as possible.
  2. A reputable B2B leads database like Limeleads allows you to target specific leads down to their locations, job titles, companies’ size, revenue, etc.
  3. It results in better response rates, increased sales, and a better ROI thanks to regularly vetted data.
  4. You will get the opportunity to reach thousands of businesses that have never heard of you.
  5. Email leads are easy to use and manage, and affordable.
  6. Reaching out to email leads are much less annoying than cold calling.

What are the different channels to generate email leads?

If you’re a digital marketer, you’re probably familiar with a few different channels to find email leads.

Lead generation is all about finding the email addresses of potential customers, nurturing them, and converting them into paying customers.

Here are some popular ways to generate/ buy email leads for your business:

  • The most common method is to use marketing software to find email leads
  • Use a scraper to collect the email addresses from different websites
  • Social media paid ads and Google Ads also help to generate the leads
  • Buy email leads from a reliable B2B contact database.

The first three method needs a good budget and a technical team to implement these strategies. It requires a lot of time, effort, and technical knowledge to master these techniques.

The fastest and most affordable of all the above-mentioned methods is to buy leads from a lead generation database.

Buy email leads with credit cards from a reliable B2B database

There are many data providers on the internet that claim to have the best quality email leads, but not all are trustworthy.

buy email leads

A good b2b database usually contains several thousand records and allows you to target specific industries, locations, job titles, and many other data points.

If you want to buy email leads, there are a few things you need to know before getting started:

  • Check if the database offers free trials.
  • Is their customer service responsive?
  • Find out if there is a refund policy.
  • Find out if they offer first-time users any discounts.

If a lead generation database offers all the points, give it a try.

LimeLeads provides email leads for businesses looking to grow their customer base. We can provide businesses with the following:

  • 100% verified emails from real people who are like to become interested in your product or service.
  • Full contact details for each lead, including name, address, phone number, and more.
  • The ability to target specific types of leads based on location, demographics, and company information.
  • Free trials and discount offers, and we also guide customers to get the most out of their lead generation strategies.

Sign up for a free trial to test our data quality (No credit card is required for a free trial).

Once you are satisfied with the results, you can buy email leads with credit card and subscribe to our plans. Our data is accurate and the most affordable in the industry.

For any questions and queries, our customer support is available every day and will answer your questions within 24h.

How can you identify bad b2b email leads?

There are many reasons why your leads might not convert. One of the most common reasons is that their email addresses are low-quality.

Here are some tips to help you identify the bad email addresses of your leads:

  • First, look at the email addresses of your leads. Do they come from free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo? If so, the chances are pretty good that they’re not going to reply to your emails.
  • Next, check out the domain name. Does it end with .ru or .biz? If so, there’s a good chance that this is a fake email address.
  • Look at the length of their email address. Legitimate emails tend to be shorter than what we would consider spammy ones.
  • If you receive a lot of automated messages such as “Your email couldn’t be delivered…”, you’re probably running your campaigns on invalid or outdated email addresses.

What are the next steps after buying the email leads?

When you have a good email lead list, the next step is to convert them into customers.

But what if you don’t know where to start? You need a plan. Here are some guidelines:

1. Clean your list

Email lists are the backbone of your email marketing campaigns. It’s not uncommon for email lists to contain invalid addresses or ones that have been marked as spam by recipients. You need to clean your list so that it’s accurate and up-to-date.

LimeLeads have two layers email verification system so you don’t have to clean the lead lists yourself. We ensure you only got validated email addresses and that your emails reach straight to the prospect’s inbox.

2. Plan your marketing campaign

Email campaigns should be planned out before they begin so that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and when they’re supposed to do it. You should also make sure everyone has access to all of your resources before sending any emails so they can refer back if needed.

3. Start with soft outreach

Soft outreach is an email that doesn’t directly ask for anything but instead provides relevant content or offers value in some other way.

It can be done by providing helpful information about what they’re looking for (like an article), introducing yourself as someone who can help them, offering free training or software, etc.

Is it worth buying email leads?

In short, one of the most reliable ways to attract customers is to buy email leads with credit cards. There are several ways to obtain quality leads, but buying from a reputable b2b contact database is the fastest and most affordable of all.

Email marketing can be very effective, but it is not always easy, and it takes a lot of time. The success of your campaign relies on data quality, understanding your audience, planning the best strategy for them, and providing them with value via the emails you send.