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We just added 11.5 Million contacts


At LimeLeads, we just added 11.5 Million B2B contacts.

What is LimeLeads?

LimeLeads is the modern way to find sales leads. We provide verified B2B contacts to thousands of companies to power their sales and marketing efforts.

The cornerstone of our business is quality, verified, and complete data. Today we're releasing the biggest update to our platform to date.

11 Million B2B contacts

As of today, users of our platform have access to over 11 Million B2B contacts. Each one of these contacts includes their name, phone number, email address, job position, and 20+ other company fields.

Here's a preview of our database search feature, used for exporting contacts in bulk:


The most important thing is that each of these contacts has a verified email address, and we guarantee 100% email deliverability - refunding any bounces!

How to get started

Our platform is built from the ground up on modern technologies, with simplicity and usability in mind.

Just sign up for free, you'll receive 25 free contacts to get started.

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